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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Momo Monster (Original Photo by Corey and Tye)Mock up photo for reference only.

Back in 2015, researchers Corey and Tye, had what the believe to be an encounter with the Momo.
For those who may not know the term Momo here is some info about it.
Momo is the name of a local legend, similar to the Bigfoot, which is reported to live in Missouri. The name Momo is short for 'Missouri Monster' and it is reported to have a large, pumpkin-shaped head, with a furry body, and hair covering the eyes. The Momo was first reported in July 1971.

Well, just a few days ago, I got some messages from Corey and Tye and they think that the Momo maybe be back in their research area.
Here is some of what they reported to me.

"The Momo (missouri monster) is back!!! 
We had an encounter with it at 12:32 this morning. This is the third time we heard it jump off the riverbank this year and everytime it is dead quiet and eerie and no echoes. There was no dogs barking anywhere. 
We had little bigfoot activity. We think our bigfoot group avoids this monster as well other animal. This creature may be responsible for the dismembered pets in town. We will send you a pic of where it hangs out. We haven't checked for footprints or other evidence yet but plan to. Very hot right now."

The above picture is the picture Corey and Tye sent to me. It is the location that they believe the creature frequents often. Just for reference, I added in the Momo figure in the photograph.
The Momo has been described as having a terrible odor and for being somewhat aggressive. While it is thought by many to be some type of bigfoot, reports suggest it is more aggressive that it's bigfoot counterpart.

I also received another update from Corey and Tye, here is what they had to say.

"This is where the Missouri Monster hangs out. (referring to the above picture at the top of this page) Yesterday around 8:30 pm Tye smelled an unholy stench that made her gag. I was down by river investigating but I didn't see or hear anything. The creature was in the tall scrubs on the left side of the picture (top of page). After I left, I went down the road to meet up with her but did not smell anything. We both went back to the spot and it was gone. We did smell it around 10:40 which instantly faded away. We smell this regularly on this section of road but Tye said this was the raunchiest she's ever smelt. No bigfoot activity last night. This thing is bad news!!! We plan to go back down again tonight.  "     

Back in 1978, Terry, Wiley and Dorris Harrison reported seeing the creature. The Harrison's reported that the creature was seen in their yard holding a blood dog's head. They estimated the creature to be between 6-7 foot tall. The activity continued for roughly 2 weeks. Tracks were found and submitted to Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden director, Lawrence Curtis. Curtis said the tracks where from an unknown primate species.

Here is a list of other possible sightings of the Momo.

1982, July 14 - Friday - Richard Bliss, Edgar Harrison, Police Officer Ruffin hear growls and screams, upon investigating local law enforcement found unidentifiable hair fibers.

1992, July 20 - Thursday - Several witnesses at 10:00 pm near Marzolf Hill smell the stench of the creature, described as "rotting flesh" and "foul stagnant water".

1992, July 21 - Friday - The creature is seen again on River Road by Ellis Minor, 63. The creature was 20 feet away when Minor shined a flashlight across it. He described it as having dark black hair down to its chest. No eyes could be seen. The creature whirled around and ran away.

1999, July 22, Saturday - Two plaster casts are made of the monster's tracks and black hair was gathered by Heyden Hewes and Daniel Garcia which were sent to zoologist Ivan Sanderson.

2003, August 3 - Bill and Betty Suddarth hear a high-pitched howl from the front yard of their house located northwest of town in early morning. Tracks are seen in the rain-soaked earth. Plaster casts are taken by Clyde Penrod. The tracks appeared abruptly in the center of the garden and then ended without going anywhere. The plaster casts were displayed at Penrod's Auto Parts at Fifth and Georgia Streets in Louisiana, Missouri.

So, there is a pretty good detailed history of sightings of the Momo.
Maybe with the continuous efforts of researchers like Corey and Tye, we can gather more information about Momo. Is it just an aggressive strain of Bigfoot or is it a totally different species? We just don't know at this point.

I thank Corey and Tye for sharing their research with all of us.

(Some information from Wikipedia)


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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