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Monday, April 11, 2016

I was sixteen when I had my first Paranormal experience.The whole episode left me in awe. But scared me and sparked my interest all at once.

I had went to visit my girlfriend I'll call her Kate for privacy sake, but Kate lived in a old coal camp community. Coal Camps are small communities where the men that worked in the areas coal mines lived with there families. Most of the homes these men lived in where own by the coal companies themselves.
The house Kate lived in was at one time or another home to many people that worked the mines when
coal was abundant. Kate's family had told me many times they witnessed various things in the home like lights flicker, objects would move on their own, shadows where seen upstairs and downstairs, also noise and voices were heard at times. Of course I didn't believe any of it and would call them all nuts and would laugh when the subject was brought up.

I was challenged by Kate one night to go upstairs and say “I don't believe in ghost”... big mistake, so me being the brave 16 year old, I rushed upstairs and yelled to the top of my lungs “I don't believe in ghost”.
I was asked one night by her brothers Jake, Barry and Joe to spend the night since Kate was staying with a friend so I stayed. Jake didn't have a door for his bedroom so he had hung a sheet over the door frame for a little privacy. We were so into a game of Street Fighter When I notice the sheet in the door way move. I didn't say anything at first until Jake asked us “ Did you see that?”
We all responded with a "yes", when all of a sudden the door to the Balcony slammed shut. It shut so hard it shook the whole house.

We then spent 10 minutes fighting over who was going to go shut and lock the door then Barry said
he would go shut it. The moment he stuck his head out the door way there was a loud boom and he said "Nope I'm not going". So, I said I would. I get half way there when the door slams shut. I knock the boys down as I ran through the doorway.

But the episode that really done it was when me and Kate were on the balcony sitting, I kept feeling something rub up against my leg only to see my pants leg move and nothing was there. I kept feeling for a string or something but there was nothing. I also watched an Orb the size of a basket ball hover around the upstairs, on a few occasions.

After that I never set foot back into that house. The house stills stands to this day and I still have so many unanswered questions. After these events, I soon found others with my same interest and got into Ghost hunting and have been doing it on and off for a while now.


This post by TCC Team Member Jimmy Blanton. Jimmy has many years studying, researching and investigating the paranormal. He has an extensive knowledge of ghost hunting equipment and gadgets.  

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