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Friday, January 15, 2016

Still frame from the video.

Okay, so I was trolling around the internet and came across the video below and remembered how it was and maybe still is being debated. First let me tell you, any researcher worth his or her salt should be able to tell you right off that this is a fake video and not a real bigfoot. If you look at the comments on the youtube video many think it is a real bigfoot.

Now, lets look at the video.

The description stated something like the guy was testing out his camera and heard the tree knock and filmed this baby bigfoot.

So, knowing that the video was fake, I set out to maybe find more evidence that it was a set up video and I feel I did. First I looked over the guys other videos. One of them stood out to me and it was one titled "Action scenes". It shows a man running, shooting a hand gun, crawling and diving. I take it the guy was testing his camera out more.

Here is a still frame from the Action scenes youtube video

It becomes pretty obvious that this guy has an interest in film making and is testing out his camera.
So as I continue to check out this youtube channel, I notice he is subscribed to a channel called Extra Unordinary Films.  So my next step is to check out that channel. On that channel I found a short film called "Predaprey (Bigfoot Short Film)". The film only runs a little over 2 minutes, so I gave it a watch. As I was watching it, it was pretty clear this was the same area of the "Baby Bigfoot" video and the "Action Scenes" video. It also appears to be the same guy in the same blue pants. You can't see his face in the "Predaprey" film as he is wearing a gas mask.  A couple of the easy giveaways is the ferns seen in "Action Scenes" video and the "Predaprey" appear to be filmed in the same location. Another similarity is in the "Action Scenes" video the guy is seen walking next to a roll of rocks that have been stacked up, it appears the same stacked up rocks are in "Predaprey" film, but filmed from a differen angle. Here is a still shot of the roll of stacked rocks.
Also, the theme from the "Baby Bigfoot" video is very similar to the short film, with regards to the tree knock. The suit used in the short film is the same as the "Baby Bigfoot video. Once you watch the 3 videos in question, I think most will see the connections.

With all that said, the little short film, "Predaprey" is not bad, and somewhat entertaining. I also, would not call this person a "hoaxer", I think it was a little more like a marketing test. As many of you know, we have seen similar fake videos used to market a upcoming film. I hope the guy keeps making short films, or full length films, as he seems to have a good knack for it.  Here is the "Predaprey" video.

I'm not trying to be harsh towards the guy who made these films and I feel he does a pretty good job with his little short film. The music and editing in the short film is nice as well. But I would encourage him not make fake bigfoot videos in efforts to fool people. Once the stigma of being a Hoaxer is attached to you, you can't never shake it and it could have negative effects on your film making.
 Plus, for people who have dedicated many years into doing Bigfoot research, it makes it a little more difficult to be taken seriously. Fake Bigfoot videos often split the community apart, with one side believing it and one side calling it fake.We all know if we are split we can't get as much done and the job becomes harder.
The young man, stated that he would like to make a full length film, if it is about bigfoot, I would think it would be better to work with the Bigfoot community than to try and spoof them. In fact, I would think that many in the Bigfoot community would be willing to provide information or help on a Bigfoot film project. They will also be your target audience, so you don't want them upset, you want them to watch your film, not boycott it.

Oh well, I'm rambling now....but the advice is free (ha ha).

I hope this post sheds some light on the "Baby Bigfoot" Video and it is my opinion that all three videos were made by the same person in the same location.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet

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