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Wednesday, December 2, 2015


The first sighting of the supposed Mothman occurred on November 12, 1966. A group of gravediggers working in a cemetery in Clendenin, West Virginia saw the figure fly through the air, right over their heads. Other people began seeing the same creature, which they described as looking like a man with wings.

On November 15 two different couples in Point Pleasant had their own firsthand encounters with the Mothman. They claimed it was at least six foot tall, and closer to seven feet tall. They also described its bright eyes, and the huge wings on its back. The four saw the creature fly through the air after first unfolding its large wings. They also claimed the creature flew at speeds of at least 100 miles per hour.

Police began receiving reports from all over. People kept calling with reports of a strange bird seen in the area. One man in the area, Newell Partridge saw his television screen turn fuzzy with colors he had never seen before. At the same time his dog began howling loudly, and a loud screeching sound came from outside. When he walked outside, he saw two glowing red eyes just before whatever it was flew off into the night. Almost immediately his dog raced after it, and didn't return.

The popularity of the creature continued to grow, as news stations and papers around the world caught on. Dozens of locals continued to tell the stories of what they saw, and everyone clamored for even the smallest piece of information. In the end the press dubbed the creature the Mothman, partly based on the hit television show Batman running at the time.

Many of the stories of the Mothman centered on a former TNT plant that sat empty and abandoned on the edge of town. The building sat in the middle of a wooded area, where few people tended to venture. Nearby was ananimal preserve, and some believed the Mothman could find food there and blend in with the other animals in the area. There were also stories that the creature had hid there for years before finally being seen.

On November 16 a new report of the Mothman surfaced, only this one came from a home near the TNT plant. Ralph Thomas and his family spotted a strange red light in the area. At first they thought it might be some kind of plane, but the small light continued to circle the plant before dipping closer to the roof of the building.

A friend stopped by for a visit, and claimed to see the Mothman next to her car. The creature slowly climbed to its feet, giving her a clear look into its glowing red eyes. The woman and her daughter ran inside, where they watched the Mothman walk onto the porch and look in the windows before flying away.

For some, the sightings of the Mothman coincided with reports of other strange things in the area. There were reports of UFO's in the area, and stories of strange men in black stopping locals on the road. One weekend over 500 reports came in regarding strange lights and things spotted in the skies above Point Pleasant. The Mothman was the real story though, with over 100 reports occurring in a single year.

One thing the people thought might be connected to the Mothman was an odd man who visited a local reporter. The man had strange eyes and an odd voice. The reporter claimed to feel extremely uncomfortable in his presence, and found herself wishing he would just leave. The man acted oddly, and seemed amazed by ordinary things in her office. She saw him once again, but when he noticed her staring at him, he climbed into a black car and ran off.

The real story of the Mothman came on December 15, 1967. Cars were passing over the 700 foot bridge that connected Point Pleasant and Ohio when the bridge suddenly and unexpectedly collapsed. The rush hour traffic crossing the bridge was caught in the middle. Cars were sent into the icy river, and 46 people were killed. Only 44 of those bodies were found, and they were all buried in the same cemetery in Gallipolis, Ohio.

The night the bridge collapsed, people in the area spotted strange lights above Point Pleasant. Others in the area saw a man who appeared on their doorstep, asking questions about the mysteriouslights they saw in the sky over previous months. He seemed nice, though most people reported that he made them feel uneasy or uncomfortable. By all indications, that was the last time the Mothman was seen.

The story of the Mothman has fascinated people for decades now. What was that creature that people spotted in the sky? Was it related to the UFO sightings, or was it foretelling the tragedy about to come? Those questions are things that we may never have an answer to.

(Not sure where some of this comes from, I've had it a long time, so I can't list any sources. Sorry)


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet

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