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Thursday, May 21, 2015

General view of Valley county.
I got this report in a few days ago. It is a good one and I think in the right situation I would also run after a Bigfoot, all the while trying to get a better video of it.

Here is the report.

- Start Report -

Name: Michael

Email Address: On file

State: Idaho

County: Valley

Date of Sighting: 1976,1986,2011,2014

Time of Day: 10:30 pm

Nearest Town: Lowman

Length of Sighting: 2 min.

How many Witnesses: 6 Hunters

Any Photos/Videos: no

Describe sighting in detail:
I have had more than  one encounter as I call it. The best was in 1986. I had just got out of the Marine corp.  I was 22 yrs old in top condition. My uncle asked me if I would like to go elk hunting.I never turn down a chance to go hunting. There was six people in our hunting party.We split into two-man teams and all agreed to meet back at camp at 5:00 pm. My cousin and I decided to hunt up one of the ridges on the far side of the meadow. My uncle and another hunter went on the ridge one over from us.

We didn't have any luck seeing any game.Two groups met up at the meadow and talked about hunting back to camp by going through another draw. As we were walking through the brush, we came across a log structure. At first I thought it was just a slash pile loggers left behind after cutting trees down. My mind was focused on finding elk. Not log piles. My uncle said, "Look at these logs! They have not been cut by man." I said,"So?" He replied,"No saw marks... no ax marks, and no hatchet marks." Then my uncle said, "Where's the tree stumps for these logs?" We looked around. The closest stump was fifty yards away.

This log structure stood about eight feet high and thirty feet around. The logs that were in the pile were green, Not dried out and were 6 to 8 inches around and ten to twenty feet long. There was a two foot opening at one end. No one wanted to be brave and crawl into and look around.

My uncle said, "Do you smell that?" It was a musky smell. I thought to myself, What died ?!? Shortly after the smell I thought I heard a woodpecker, and my uncle said, "That's NOT a woodpecker."I said, "What?" My uncle replied, "That's rocks being slapped together!" An eerie feeling came over me and the rest of the hunters. It was like we were being watched. We decided that we would back out of the area and go to camp an easier way.

When we got back to camp, we told the other hunters what we had stumbled across in the middle of no where. After we got a bite to eat we decided to play cards inside our sheepherder tent. It must have been around 10:00 pm when my uncle said, "Hey! Quiet!" We all calmed down to list. We could not hear anything. It was very quiet... nothing moving and no breeze. So we went back to playing cards. I thought it was my uncle trying to play a trick or cheat at the card game. Five minutes went by and my uncle again said "Quiet!" This time he said "look!" as he pointed to the lantern that was hanging from the center of the tent. It started to sway, and before we knew what was happening, the tent collapsed on everyone!

I remember that my uncle was the closest to the tent door. He opened it and started yelling for us to come out as fast as we could. It was dark, and we all were grabbing for flashlights and weapons. I grabbed a flashlight and a hunting knife. One by one we exited the tent. My uncle told us to all spread out. He said that we need to find out what made the tent come down.I stepped around to the back of the tent and listed. I heard something walking through the brush. It sounded like someone walking through dry leaves. Stepping around the tree that was in front of me, I hoped that I would see what ever it was that was making the noise . I flashed my light around and saw nothing.  My cousin walked up behind me and placed his hand on my shoulder and asked in a soft voice, "Whats that in front of you?" I asked, "Where?" He quickly grabbed my arm with the hand that had been on my shoulder an said, "Don't move your flashlight!" He reached around me with his flashlight and waved it at the area that I had my flashlight pointed at. He said, "Here!" When he did that, the creature took two steps sideways.

My cousin said, "What is that?" I replied, "I don't know!" My cousin exclaimed, "That's not fur, it's hair!" What we were looking at appeared to stand seven to eight feet tall. It walked on two legs, and the weight looked to be 600 to 800 pounds. It was a rust color. What came to my mind was a very large man in a ghillie suit. This thing was thirty feet in front of me. This all took place in about fifteen seconds. As we stood talking about it, it dropped to all fours and started to run away from us like a gorilla. My cousin said, "Let's get a better look at it!" So we started to chase it down an old abandoned logging road that led down hill toward the meadow.

The moon was full that night with no wind at all. I felt like I was in a cross-country race, and the race was in my favor because it was going down hill. I used to be able to run the mile 4:30. The closer I got to this thing, the thought in my mind was, What do I do now?!? I got close enough to it as if it were a quarterback on a football field that I could have tackled or jumped on its back. I couldn't see the face through all the hair I did see the hand and fingers. It had a flat back. I could see the triceps and biceps as they flexed. I tried to hear if it was tiring from running, but it was not panting.

My cousin could not keep up, and he started yelling, "STOP! STOP!" I yelled back,"WHY?" He said, "STOP" again, so I broke off the chase. I kept my flashlight pointed in the direction Bigfoot was heading. My cousin finally caught up with me and said, "Listen!" I said, "What?" He said, "Do you hear anything?" I told him no, he said, "You should! We should hear something running. That means it's just stand outside of the range of the flashlights!" I asked him, "Why did you yell "STOP!"? "Think about it!" he answered. Wolves trick domestic dogs into the woods away from their home, where the rest of the pack will pounce!" An eerie feeling came over me. I suggested that maybe we should head back to camp.

Once back at camp everyone wanted to know what we had gone chasing after. No one else in camp saw it, but they did say they heard something big running. They also told us that the reason the tent came down was that two of the corner stakes on the outside of the tent were pulled up. These stakes were metal and were pounded into the ground with a ax! Since that time I have been back to the area half a dozen times. I have seen fourteen-inch tracks. I've heard more rock-knocking and one night I heard some good vocals from two different location at the same time. I feel that I know how to get them all worked up if they are in the area. One of these times my son and I knew that the closest person to us was at least twenty miles away. It doesn't leave a lot to your imagination on what's making the noise. They are big and hairy. I've been chased out of the area twice now. I still want to go back, but I will not go alone!!

- End Report -

Thanks goes to Michael for sending in the report.

Now, would you have chased this Bigfoot? Sometimes I'd like to think that I would have.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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