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Friday, January 23, 2015

Unknown cave creature?

Unknown Cave Creature in Tennessee

This will turn out to be a rather large post, as there is a lot of information and mystery involved in this case. There are also ongoing research and investigation efforts regarding this case.

First, let me start with the sighting report that was sent to me.

-Start Report-
Name: Leslie *****
Email Address: On File
State: Tennessee
County: Hamblen
Date of Sighting: May 2009
Time of Day: Mid Afternoon
Nearest Town: Morristown
Length of Sighting: 1-2 minutes
How many Witnesses: 2
Any Photos/Videos: yes of cave where happened
Describe sighting in detail:
(Briefly, I can send more details and evidence when contacted and can attach. - More was sent- Tom)

I stood less then 2 feet face to face with cryptic hybrid 4 feet in length, no hair on face white skin human features. Body covered in brown hair, Short legs, heavy paws with claws that are flatten on the end. Can climb cave walls and freeze in place. I have been on a quest ever since looking for the truth and have uncovered evidence of this species that could be a cousin to the big foot but smaller. They are still there I know this because the cavern is on my farm that I encountered it.  I have tried to reach out to professionals but no one will investigate. I don't understand when something is discovered like this that they are not more receptive. Evolution took many different routes obviously.

We rediscovered the cave 6 years ago and it has many unexplored chambers still. UT said it was like Swiss cheese. I drew pictures that day and told all I could. Several years later while researching I came across proof of this hybrid in a 16th century document from a good source Vespucci with the exact plate showing this animal with a humans face. The only problem I have is getting someone to read the Old Germanic description. The male species I encountered had brown eyes a features just like a human but the rest was animal..a lot like a fishers body with a human white mans face. That confused me the most.

I just know they are still there. Nothing happened during the encounter we both froze in the shock state and took in each others detail before I ran.

No smell from it, pretty clean looking including nails on feet. I would say a young male by his features. He was as scared as I was, but I would still hate to be swiped by his strong looking
paws. I would take a lie detector test I have nothing to gain by this except
answers. It really makes me mad that no one seems to care.

- End Report-     

As Leslie stated she would send more evidence, in fact, she did. She sent me the old 16th-century document and had this to say about it.

"...This document has gone through many professors hands and no one has been able to read the Old Germanic. You have no ideal how long we have waited to find out what it says. There is another side to this document that contains the title and such. ....."

Through my contacts, I was able to find a person who thought they might know someone who might be able to translate the old document. I sent a small sample of the document to see if they could, and I got this partial translation.
There appear to be some small spelling errors. The second work some be "from", I think they hit the letter "L" instead of "O". I think it happened again with "New Spain tl Old Spain", I think the "tl" should be "To".  Also, the word "grimmigheit", I researched and the above in the photo is the best translation I could find. The word "Bdum" is something I could not really find much info on, other that the urban definition of  "The sound of a heartbeat" and that does not seem to fit.

In the partial translation above, it ties in with Indians, which also has a possible tie-in with Leslie and possibly the cave. Leslie is a documented EBCI tribal member and also the Founder of the Bat Creek Stone to the Museum of the Cherokee Indians. For those who do not know the Bat Creek Stone was discovered in 1889 during the excavation of a Cherokee mound in Loudon County, TN.  The Bat Creek Stone is also called The Bat Creek Tablet and some wrote it off as a hoax many years ago but others say it is authentic. In the last 5-8 years a much more scientific study has been conducted on the tablet via means of microscopic examination. Still, there is debate over the letters and what it really says. You can read more about this by Clicking Here and Here.  Here is a photo of the stone tablet taken by Scott Wolter.
photo credit: Scott Wolter

Now, back to the document and the creature seen by Leslie. The shows a creature that has what appears to be a 3-toed paw. Leslie told me about working at the museum and said "I already know of several documented cases of three foot remains being removed from our burial mounds. But that's
another hidden story, thank you Smithsonian."
   She went on to say "they also suddenly lost the Jaw Bone found with the Bat Creek Stone."

The Smithsonian has a perceived history of hiding artifacts such as bones from giants and possible Bigfoot bones. I even featured a case from my area of some missing bones in my bigfoot documentary Bigfoot: The Evidence Files. So it is not at all surprising to me to hear about another cover-up by the Smithsonian.

Now, a little more about the cave. It is believed to have other connecting caves in the area and some are said to be even larger. Leslie told me that The University Of Tennessee visited the cave and said it was millions of years old.

Leslie told me that they have tried baiting the unknown creature in with food and other items but have had no luck and the batteries in the cameras keep going dead.

Here is a short video documenting the cave and the sighting.

We are still in the process of translating the old document and Leslie is still researching the cave. I hope to have updates in the future and an interview with Leslie.

If anyone has any info to share, then please contact me.


[Special Thanks to Robin Helton and Monique Valery for their help with translating the document]

This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years of experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and a poet.

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1 comment:

  1. When I was 10yrs old some old English books from the 1500s and 1600s came to the family. The conventions for printing came from the German as the Gutenberg printing press originated there.
    Your old German document has the characters that can be very confusing to the unaware. In example; the portrayal of an "S" a character that resembles a long-F without a crossbar was used.

    Any time I see a German character that appears to be two letters pushed together, I suspect a specific pronunciation that needs to be translated. If you look up early German printing there are guides to that. Use an image search on Bing to find a site. There are scholars that are trying to trace ancient words through to modern.

    There is a school of thought that the reason for the "total flood" of Noah had followed the manipulation and combination of human and animal genetics against Gods law.

    It would easily be in the realm of unknown what all that lives under the surface of our Earth. A study of Genesis by Rob Skiba has much Biblical material that might apply.

    I hope this helps.


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