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Monday, December 1, 2014

Another Bigfoot report from Nova Scotia, CA

This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

Bigfoot report from Nova Scotia

I had shared our sightings map on facebook and put out a call for reports and Leo Frank sent us in the details of his sighting. So a big thanks to him.

-Start Report-

Name: Leo Frank
Email Address: On file
State: Nova Scotia
Country: Canada
Date of Sighting: August 1997
Time of Day: around 11am
Nearest Town: Wolfville
Length of Sighting: 1-2 mins
How many Witnesses: 1
Any Photos/Videos: no
Describe sighting in detail:
In the summer of 97 I had just returned home from a year working out west in Alberta, most Maritimers head out that way for work in their teens or early twenties. After any time away from home I always head back to the south mountain near Wolfville Nova Scotia. The area has always been a special place for me with a lot of great childhood memories. The area around my grandparents property is mostly forest and across the road there is a brook where I had my first possible Sasquatch encounter in 1985 along with  six friends.

There were stories of what the people on the mountain and in the valley area called the tramp or hobo, apparently it was supposed to be a homeless man that wore animal furs and could not speak clearly, smelled really bad,did not shave and would chase people out of the area and away from the brook.

One night in the fall of 1964 a fifteen year old T. Coldwell was leaving the neighbors house to go home to what is now my Grandparents property and as she left the walkway and started out across the road to head up the mountain something very tall that cast a shadow across the entire road ran out in front of her and in to the wood lot between the properties. The only thing she was able to tell me was that it was very tall was across the road in just a few steps and that it scared her so bad she ran back into the house and would not leave until the next morning and had to have someone walk her home.

I also spoke to A&S Allen who told me of seeing a large black or dark brown figure on two legs in the corner of a field while bailing hay. Mr.Allen called out to his wife and pointed it out to her. Coincidentally their son was with me when I had my first rock throwing encounter with 6 other kids in 85. There is also a piece of property on the mountain where most hunters will not go. The way it was described to me was that you could go there 10 times and things would be fine but the odd time everything would go silent the birds would not make a sound the squirrels stopped making noise and you just felt like something was watching you, an overall uneasy feeling I guess but enough to make you not want to go back".It was like Someone would hit a switch off and then as fast as everything shut down it came back on" L. Miller told me.

This brings me to my sighting in 97 as I said I always loved the area it is an awesome place to hike and camp and I always walk up the brook never the road just the waterfalls make it worth the extra walk. On this day it had been raining a few days before so the water was flowing pretty damn good so I had to watch my step as I would cross back and forth across the water. As I turned the corner to go up to the first waterfall I saw what I thought was a black bear with it's front end in the water so I did what I always did when I saw a bear and started to back up slowly and was ready to haul ass back up the trail to my grandparents but this was not a bear it stood up, turned to his left and looked straight at me.

This was not what I thought a Sasquatch looked like as he was only about six foot and built like a light heavyweight wrestler or boxer . The hair on the chest and abdomen was black and thinner than the longer hair on the arms and legs there was no point to his head although his brow ridge was out further than a man, his face was dark like leather around his eyes, cheeks and some of his forehead his nose was flat with wide nostrils. His mouth was wide with thin lips that were a lighter color than the skin on his face. His neck was short, the neck muscles were visible. He stood there looking at me and only moved his head once to smell the air like what a dog does when you walk past it with food and then turned back at me.

I don't know how to describe what I felt at that time other than to say it felt l was there longer than I was, like time slowed down. It wasn't like fear it was very odd.There was no smell from him that I noticed and his eyes were a dark color, if I had to guess I would say dark brown. From the  expression on his face the deep breath like a  frustrated sigh as we looked at each other,  it was like I have seen you and you have seen me lets just leave it at that. I did not feel threatened but I knew it was time to leave so as he turned to his left I turned to mine and started back down stream I only turned back to look at him once and noticed that his arm was wet and and hung lower than than a man and his back hunched by the shoulders. I watched him take two steps on his way up the bank and I turned back around and continued back to my grandparents I did not see him look back at me at all.

When I got up on the patio I tried to light a cigarette but had a very hard time as I was shaking so bad it was like being on cocaine. I sat and chain smoked for a while. The fear that I did not feel before I sure as hell felt now. I continued to research in Northern New Brunswick for 6 years after talking with some of the elders on the local Mi'kmaq reservation across the river in Quebec about Sasquatch, they were kind enough to point me in the right direction which lead me to an area that after some time I was able to find some snow tracks and eventually close enough to get a few pictures.

There are no reported sightings in the area that I had my encounters on the BFRO site and I don't imagine there will ever be, mainly because the people around the area a very private and and do not want the attention. There are things that have happened that stay in families for generations before people find out about them. The only reason I have been able to get people talking is because they have known me since I was a baby. I have worked for them, hung out with their kids or are related to them. I have wondered since my sighting if the stories of the Tramp may have actually been a Sasquatch. I don't know but I think it is possible.

-End Report-

This is an excellent report and the details are very similar to others I have heard. I know in my general area there have been some Bigfoot sighted that are in the 6 foot range and others in the 8 foot range.

 If you have had a sighting or encounter then please use the link at the top of the page and share it with us.


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  1. Makes you wonder how fare spread out Bigfoot is yet remains elusive.

  2. I know they have an odor that you will remember and a sound that is ungodly ,and the yell or what ever it is they do is loud . I went back to where I had my first encounter with one that I did not see but heard and smelled it . And swore I would not go back ,but went back last year to do some fishing and prospecting . While I was doing some prospecting I heard a rock hit the ground turned around and did not see any one . So I kept on prospecting and another rock hit the ground looked and no one . Third rock came and it was big . I tried throwing one about the same size and it went about 10 feet . This last time I know I am not going back there again unless I have some type of protection

  3. i have seen a sasquatch before when i was a kid i live on prince edward island the thing was huge and it scared me and my dog i thought it was a big tree stump until it stood up and walked into the woods...

  4. is there any more info on the actual creek and water of the sighting? Something to narrow it down a bit more.

    1. that is about all we have. Maybe you can read over the post and the description and get a better idea of the location. Thanks

  5. I know the spot he is talking about. I know it very well. Not hard to tell from reading this story.

  6. Leo has amazing evidence. Still baffled by the protruding ears, though. Doesn't fit with a creature "evolved" in a northern climate

  7. Grew up there and heard an ungodly scream one night very close to that brook. I've listened to many recordings of animals in the area and nothing comes close to what I heard. I've spent many hours playing in that brook mainly looking for brook trout. I never really thought we had bigfoot around but now I'm wondering.


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