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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bigfoot in the mountains
Bigfoot in the mountains (Mock Up Photo)

This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

I have got in a couple more reports over the last few days. The ones I'll share today are not really complete but still worth sharing in my opinion. One is an older report, which you know I like because it shows a history of sightings in certain areas and the other is newer encounter that happened in Kentucky.

Here is the older one, I think it was from a person named Joann.

 Joann said:
"My mother lived in Calhoun county, Mississippi, she told me, her uncle lived in a rural area in the southern part of Calhoun county in the 1940’s.
Just a 1/8 of a mile down Moreland road, where he lived was a creek that ran into a very swampy area, he told her at night you could hear something hollering and some folks had seen a tall hairy creature at the back side of a field by the swamp.
My mother told me it was called “ FUZZY FOOT !

Here is a map of the area.
south end of Calhoun County, MS

 Now here is the second report. It comes from Joshua.

Joshua said:
 "I was riding four wheelers with 4 other people, so 5 total, south of Berea Kentucky, a place that people go to, to ride four wheelers and off road vehicles called buffalo.  I will say before tonight, I didn't believe in Bigfoot or primates roaming around in the woods and no person coming across them or game and wild life but tonight has changed that......  
We road to a spot called look out mountain and from this spot you can see Richmond and Berea, on the way out we stopped to talk on the quads, turned them off and things were fine......  All of a sudden crickets stopped chirping and it became so so silent.  Our friend noticed the silence, at this moment a log was thrown and we were scared at this moment, but 15 seconds later a huge lime stone slab was thrown from the hill side toward us with massive force.  Its 4 am and I can't sleep thinking about this.  ......  I am baffled right now, in shock.  Thank you for reading, Joshua ******" (Name on file)

Here is a map of the area

I have attempted contact with both of people who submitted these reports. The second report, the one that comes form Berea, KY, is really recent. I have got several other reports from the Berea area over the last couple of years. If contact is made with Joshua and more details are gathered, I will update this post or make a new one.
Thanks to Joshua and Joann for sending in these reports.

If you have a sighting to report then please use the form found HERE . It can be use for Bigfoot, UFOs, ghost or anything unusual.


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  1. I know the area Joshua is talking about very well. I posted on this website several reports about my Bigfoot sightings/experiences in & around Berea Ky. & these "forest people" are definitely in this area. I know people may think that we are imagining things but unless you have a sighting or an "experience" then you can just keep thinking we're nuts. I would love to have another experience or sighting again very soon. It's quite humbling and amazing. Wm.

  2. I've always known the area Joshua is talking about was called "Buffalo Holler." It's a pretty cool place but I haven't been out there in about 25 years. We used to go four-wheeling out there at night in a buddy's car. LOL. Poor car. Wm.

  3. Many its time all Bigfoot research groups ban together and concentrate on capturing a live specimen.

  4. Good luck with that. I'd bet there are several "specimen" in gov't hands, but none are alive. The gov't knows these creatures exist, but they are hush-hush so as to not upset the environmentalists, religious groups; etc.


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