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Saturday, September 27, 2014

This is a Guest Post by Stewart Taylor.  Stewart enjoys sharing with interested folks about what he has been fortunate with obtaining. To teach and convey these subjects are a forest people living among us.


Throughout world history and legends, there are documented accounts of ordinary men coming in contact with humanoid giants of various sorts. The Titans, Ogres and Trolls are just a few of many widely used examples. There are also similar records contained within various religious documentations. For one, the Christian Bible clearly relates how giants came to be among men in its very first book, Genesis, chapter 6.
In today’s world, a vast majority of folks give this subject little serious consideration or thought. They quickly discount this particular information as merely just fables or fairy tales. Most consider it on the same level as a Mother Goose tale and other stories for young children to dream on at bedtime.
Regardless of these commonly held opinions, it doesn’t change what has occurred closer to home. In North America, Native American history and legends have contained information on giants for hundreds of years, some of which are clearly recorded in ancient cave paintings or masks and totem figures.

Many Native American tribes have names for these subjects. A few examples in the English translation are: “The Stone Giants” are used by the Cherokee and Iroquois people. The Lakota term is “Big Elder Brother” and the Taos call them “Big Person. The list of names is very extensive and other than a limited few terms like “Demon”, “Devil” or “Cannibal Giants”, none lists or compares these subjects to an animal.

A close study of American news accounts also reveal numerous stories of humanoid giants being seen. It starts along the east coast in the 1700’s then moves with the westward push into the 18 and 1900’s. In Daniel Boone’s memoirs, he wrote of shooting a ten foot “Yahoo” in 1782. It was located in Kentucky somewhere along what is now the Montgomery-Powell County line. In another account, Teddy Roosevelt, our 26th president, wrote a book in the late 1800’s, titled “Wilderness Hunter”. It has one chapter about two young hunters/trappers encountering a large hairy giant in what was then the remote Montana territory. They entered it in a remote valley that was shunned by the local Indian population as being an evil dangerous place.

Here in America, there are presently dozens of organized groups dedicated to investigating and documenting reports of giants. It is information coming from everyday people seeing or hearing something very unusual in the wooded areas of America. An appreciable number of these witnesses are respected folks like doctors, nurses, active military, police and firemen, all having no reason to lie or receive any personal gain for telling their story. Some would have been better off never telling their story for the rejection and ridicule they received. All for doing nothing more than telling the complete truth of what happened to them. It is an ignorantly cast prejudice that has stifled numerous personal accounts, some of which may be never told to another!

The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (B.F.R.O.) was formed in 1995. Since that time, they have investigated and published over 4600 credible and verified witness accounts believed to be directly associated with the Bigfoot/Sasquatch phenomenon. Most of them occurring right here in North America! The total number of submitted reports is actually much higher than this published figure, but if a reasonable level of certainty cannot be verified or established, it is not listed on their internet website.

Like most other folks, I never gave this phenomenon much serious consideration. As a young adolescent back in the mid 1960’s, I was intrigued by the first release of the Patterson-Gimlin film on the local news channel. I spent a short time pondering all the possibilities, but it was quickly gone, soon replaced by other youthful adventures and interests.

I was raised up along the west coast, hunting, fishing, camping and hiking in areas of reported Bigfoot activity. Not once do I ever recall hearing or seeing anything close to making me believe this elusive giant could really exist. It was years later after several decades of mature adult life and moving to the southwest U.S., that I had my first “What in the world was that!?” moment.
My son and I were night fishing along a remote, heavily wooded creek bank in North Texas. We parked there shortly before sundown and had fished well past midnight by the light of the Coleman lantern placed on my pickup’s tailgate behind us.

At some point, I became aware of subtle movements in the brush north of us. A swish of a branch here, a crackle of leaves there, I first noticed it about 100-150 yards away and it seemed to be slowly getting closer to us. There was a side slough running perpendicular into the creek beside us. It was about 20 feet wide and separated us from the thick brush where the noises were coming from.
I wasn’t at all concerned since many night animals such as armadillo, raccoon, coyotes etc., often forage through the night and are no serious threat. It was then I felt the very distinct feeling of being watched and then a loud close snap of a fairly large twig being stepped on. Not something any light four legged animal would do.

My level of alertness perked up several notches and I began to discreetly scan our entire perimeter, not wanting to concern my then 15 year old son. Nothing was there, so I then focused on the thick brush line. I got up and strolled over to the truck cab retrieving a bright spotlight and began to scan that direction.

I can’t precisely relate what I momentarily saw flash by the roving circle of light, but looked like a man’s face recessed back in the brush. It was there one split second and gone the next. I jerked the light back to the spot, but then saw nothing. Noticing my sudden movement out of the corner of his eye, my son asked “What are you doing Dad?”?

“Oh nothing….just looking” I replied, not wanting to sound a bit concerned to him, but was now not at total peace with this subtle activity.

I put the light up and sat back down and continued fishing. Not more than 10 minutes, not less than 5, a huge cinder block sized object came hurtling out of the brush line, crashing into the water less than 10 feet from us. It produced a splash about like a 50 pound child doing a cannon ball off the high dive. We both instinctively fell back in our folding chairs away from the splash as huge drops of water rained down on us.

“WHAT WAS THAT!?...WHAT WAS THAT!?” my son screamed out lunging to me and tightly clutching my side as his terrified eyes wildly darted about.

I pulled him back from the water watching to large waves fan out. I was completely bewildered at the unexpected chain of events. What I did know was that whatever hit the water was large and didn’t float. I also knew if it had hit either one of us, it would have inflicted at the very least, serious bodily injury-probably more. Feeling quite threatened, I raced over to the truck and grabbed my 357 revolver loaded with hot personal defense rounds.


I thought at that time, it was just someone pranking around with us, but that object came dangerously close to both of us and I didn’t appreciate it one bit. Wanting to jack back with whoever it was, I cocked the hammer back single action, aimed the gun down into the soft bank beside me, plugged one ear and cracked a round down into the mud. KA-BOOM!

It instantly sounded like a huge buck deer taking off away from us in the thick brush. There was a snapping and cracking of branches from something very big and strong, moving much faster through the stuff than any human I knew of could do.

With wide eyes my son looked at me and asked “What was that Dad”?
“I don’t know son, but l think it’s time to go”, I replied. That was my first “What in the world was that moment”. Since that time, I have personally spoken to people with an assortment of experiences much like mine. Seeing or hearing something big out in the woods that they have absolutely no explanation for!

Aided by a small group of knowledgeable people, I eventually began serious study and exploration of this interconnecting waterway system and the surrounding woods. On one occasion, we were followed and paced by something large in the thick brush. It stopped when we stopped, then moved when we moved.
A dark shape darted across a small creek bed about 75 yards ahead of us. We discovered a partial print gouged out in the dried mud. It was about 7.5 inches wide and you can see the toe digs, but the total length could not be determined.

Zoomed in (Thomas Marcum)

Right after this photo was taken, a softball sized object landed behind us with a loud thud.
On another research trip, I saw a dark shape dart across the trail in front of me. It was partially occluded by the surrounding leaves vegetation and happened so fast I didn’t get a good look. I moved up the trail to that particular area and scanned my perimeter, but couldn’t make out anything. The distinctive feeling of being watched, once again swept over me. I took my camera and shot a series of photos all around me. This is one of the photos I took that day. Can you make out anything unusual in this photo?

He is there peeking up from behind a pile of sticks just to the left of the two trees in the middle portion of this photo. It is a prime example of how well these subjects use cover and concealment and the primary reason most folks never see them.
The following picture is an enhanced blow-up of this previous photo. You can see the subject’s eyes peeking over the branches. I was using a fill-in flash and you can see his right eye reflecting the flash of light. He is also holding a branch with his right hand putting the green leaves up in front of his face. This behavior has been recorded before as they carefully use cover and concealment to perfection.

I never keyed on him when I took this picture, but found him later carefully reviewing my photos. I did get a good visual sighting later that morning while looking at a brush line through binoculars. It was at about 150 yards and the Big Guy was watching me, peering over a bush very similar to the one shown in the above picture.

My intentions were to experience and see for myself that these subjects are very real and dwell among us. I have no desire to prove anything to the skeptic. They will believe what they want to believe. My desire is to share with people wanting to know more about the incredible phenomenon. They are very real and live among us.

On another occasion, I was fortunate enough to video a young subject in a secluded, very remote area of Central Oklahoma. It was an area that had history of a family group living there. I was on a hill side scanning an area down the hill where we could hear movement. After nearly an hour of shooting video, I was able to capture a brief clip of a young one peeking at us. I downloaded a portion of it to U-tube titled, “Young Bigfoot Caught Peeking”.

Here are two enhanced clips from the video shot at about 100 yards distance.

This is a quartering view of him peering out from behind the brush.


Enhanced version (By Thomas Marcum)
He is looking down to the right and almost looks like a samurai wrestler.

Granted the telephoto lens and light conditions may have distorted the images some, but they are a fair representation of what I saw that day. Later that night, I was blessed with having five from a family group draw close to me, three of which got to within 20 feet of me!!

Many in the Bigfoot research community hold to the unfounded assumption that these subjects are just a dumb base primate roaming about in the woods to be driven and hunted like livestock or wild game. From what I have experienced, these subjects possess reasoning and cognitive thinking. They are very much like us in some ways, very different in others.

On another occasion in East Texas, I noticed a large Bigfoot sitting up high in a pine tree (Yes they do climb trees and do it quite well). He was watching our research party situated down the hill in an open area sitting up camp. I was able to pull him in with a tripod and a powerful lens and obtained some descent videos. Here are a few clips from it.

 This is the actual distance. I first saw him as a dark spot with binoculars scanning the ridge line.

He was in a larger pine tree behind these narrow ones.

Here’s the Big Guy sitting there on a bent saddle resting his left hand on the tree trunk.

Here are the trees with three having a bent offset at the top. I was told by an experienced forester, that if the top feeder point of a young pine tree is twisted off, one of the side branches will then become the feeder and you will get this offset. I can see one happening to a young tree, but three in one area? It raises a question, was this possibly done years ago with the intentions of having this high perch years later?

This location gives an excellent 360 degree lookout from the hill. Nothing could approach this ridge without being seen early.

I don’t have an exact size of this individual, but the following picture is a comparison shot I took several weeks later.

This is but a portion of the material I have been blessed with obtaining over the past several years. I know they are real and walk among us, for I have seen them up close with my own eyes. They are a very complex subject that is extremely elusive, yet they have and will continue to be seen by many.

I have taken many other audios, videos and pictures I plan on sharing when the time is right. Again, I enjoy sharing with interested folks about what I have been fortunate with obtaining. To teach and convey these subjects are a forest people living among us and not the dumb animal many people would like you to believe. Some, who have never actually seen one, yet make these totally unfounded assumptions as to who and what these giants of the forest are.

May His warm and ever loving Spirit touch your soul with goodness!
God Bless You All!
Stewart Taylor

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  1. It is sad that these magnificent forest people don't get the respect & acknowledgement that they deserve. They are an amazing force of nature that needs federal protection from those that would cause them hurt, harm or danger just to prove they exist. I don't need proof & often include them in my prayers. Please keep researching & I look forward to hearing/seeing more from you. Be careful out there & remember that when you are in the forest, you are in their "living room" so go with reverence & respect for them & what belongs to them. If you go out looking for a "dumb base primate", you will not be successful. Go as if you were looking for a type of "people" & you will find success. Always go in peace & tranquility & I'm sure you will find what you are looking for. Be safe. Wm.

  2. Well I disagree ... if these magnificent forest people need more respect take them all home with you and go with peace and tranquility. I am certain you will find what you're looking for. Take them all into your living room and leave my outdoors alone. Protect people from those things that would cause them harm. Making sense out of nonsense. - Just Saying


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