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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Bigfoot Encounter

This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

I got in a unreported until now Bigfoot encounter. Even though this encounter is a second hand account, I feel there are some interesting elements involved. I have also noticed that it seems the white/grey Bigfoot are more aggressive. This report makes several that I know of where the white Bigfoot was more aggressive.  I have chanced the name of the person who reported this encounter,per their request. Their real name and email address will be on file.

Aggressive Bigfoot Encounter

- Start Report -

Name: Matt Bolder
Email Address: Withheld
State: Oklahoma
County: Blaine
Date of Sighting: 1988 / 1989?
Time of Day: late evening
Nearest Town: Watonga
Length of Sighting: as was told to me by brother, about 20 minutes or so.
How many Witnesses: 2
Any Photos/Videos: no
Describe sighting in detail:
This encounter was told to me by one of my brother's about 12 or so years ago.  He had said that he waited to tell me because he didn't think that I would believe him.  And hadn't told anyone else but our dad and a close friend of this encounter because he didn't really want everyone thinking that he was a nut or crazy.

So, I will try and recall what my brother had told me about what had happen since having him retell this incident to me dozens of times, because this close encounter scared the liv'n s@$% out of him and his friend that evening.

So, as was told to me, my brother and his buddy both worked together at a state park and after work they were both going to pick up some beer and discuss some of his buddy's girl-friend problems at one of the local party hang-outs west of town a few miles out down near a sandy river bottom area.  It's typically quiet and peaceful when there's no party's down there he said.  So, they get there in his buddy's white truck and park with the ass-end of the truck back about 50 or so yards from North Canadian River.

So, the front of their truck was facing east/northeast my brother said.  There was an open tall natural grass field in front of them with tree-breaks near farmers fence lines in front of them.  No sooner than after about 10-12 minutes in getting there my brother said and was about to pop open a beer, he saw something about 200-220 yards to the east/southeast running south toward the river bank tree line in front of them--my brother said he saw it first and told his buddy to take a look, and neither of them couldn't quite figure out what it was?

My brother thought initially that it was a horse since it was kinda of white/gray in color, and it had a fast running pace but smooth in it's stride.  He couldn't see anything but from about the shoulders up since the natural grass fields where extremely high during late July/August down on the river bottom areas.  He said he saw this thing run over a good quarter mile stretch and cover the ground very fast until it disappeared in the river bank tree line down about 1/4 miles south of their truck, which was the side my brother was sitting since he was riding shot-gun.

That evening my brother said was unusually quiet with very little wind howling, so they both could hear very well with both of the windows down on the truck while sitting still in the truck.  My brother states that once this thing disappeared into the tree line near the river, they both could hear the breaking of branches and tree limbs snapping, getting louder and louder, as if whatever it was, was getting closer and closer to them follow the river bank within the tree line.

My brother's buddy started to really get scared and wanted to leave, but my brother told him to sit still and just see what the hell this was?  So, his buddy reluctantly remained quiet with them both turned looking over their right shoulders staring into the tree line.  As the sounds began to get louder, all of the sudden, they stopped.  They both were looking but no visualization of anything.

So they both turned looking forward talking about what the hell they think it might have been, when my brother saw something in the right truck side mirror step out in the open behind them on the sandy river bank.  By this time, the sun had gone down but the moon was completely full that night--he said it was one of those nights that you didn't need a flash light--you could see everything fairly well, the moon was so bright.

At this time, my brother heard his buddy pulling out his 44 magnum from under his truck seat, and my brother said to let him have the gun since he didn't want his buddy accidentally shooting him. So, my brother took the 44 mag pistol and stuck his upper body out of his side of the truck looking back (toward the West).  He said that there was no sounds or smells, everything was quiet.  This thing was just gently swaying back and forth, no sounds, no noises, just swaying back and forth staring at toward the truck.

My brother said that he notices details that made him realize that this wasn't some guy suited-up in a gorilla suit...he said that the arms were extremely long with the hands hanging down near the knees, the head had a cone-shape, there was no neck, just a massive head down to very massive broad shoulders--my brother said that this things was one big S.O.B.!...and he could tell that it was covered in hair because the hair was glistening from the moonlight.  My brother estimates that this creature/being was at least 7-8ft in height since my brother was hanging out of the truck, he could tell that this thing was much taller, even at a 50-60 yrd distance.

About 20-30 seconds went by with everyone staring at each other. My brother's buddy was extremely scared and wanted to immediately leave, but again, my brother told him to just wait a second.  Then, this thing began to advance very quickly toward their truck, my brother told his buddy to get the damn truck started and get the hell out of there now!  He said that his buddy got the truck started and as soon as they began to drive forward, my brother was still looking back pointing his 44 mag pistol at this thing yelling that he'll shoot if he gets any closer--he didn't because he said in the back of his head, he thought that this still might be some guy, but as this things got almost upon them, the red tail lights of the truck reflected off the face and hands of this big SOB and my brother could make out a definite brow ridge above the eyes, very dark eyes, and a huge hand reaching out toward the tail gate of the truck while in a fast stride chasing their truck.

My brother's buddy fish-tailed the truck while speeding down the dirt road almost wrecking the damn truck my brother said--he noticed that his buddy was in a bit of scared-shock.  My brother told his buddy to slow the damn truck down, but his buddy was in shock and kept the truck going until they reached the highway, which was about 1.0-3/4 miles down the dirt. So, my brother calmed him down and indicated that he wanted to go back and find out what the hell that thing was, and his buddy said, "no F@#$n' way!!! And to this day, after this encounter, my brother did go back with another buddy to look for tracks, but his buddy that was with him that night has never been back due to fear.

I know this event has changed my brother's outlook on what's in the woods.  He remains and avid outdoorsman, and we know what various wildlife looks like, up close and at a distance.  But my brother said, that this creature was the biggest damn thing that he's ever seen up close on two legs!

To this day, he will talk about that encounter, but only to those he trust won't ridicule him--in knowing my brother, he isn't kidding or joking around with this incident.  I know he saw what he saw and I believe him 100%.  Our dad is still on the fence with this incident because he's never seen anything like this, but my brother until the day he dies will state that he feels actually privileged in seeing this 'thing' because he feels that not many people get to see something or experience anything like this in their lifetime.

So, he hasn't shared this encounter with many people and because of our occupations and positions, we would rather not be mentioned by our names in any articles, but you can share this incident with others--because we don't believe others would truly believe that these creatures exist, but they do--even in areas where you wouldn't even think they should.  There are very little trees and no mountains in this area of this encounter my brother had, but there is lots of Indian reservation lands surrounding the areas that we have heard lots of sightings have occurred.
Thank you for you time in allowing my to re-tell my brother's creature encounter.

-End Report -

Thanks goes to Matt for telling us of his brothers encounter.


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