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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Possible Bigfoot Sounds from Maine

This post/report from TCC Team Member Jason Morse.  Jason is a lifelong outdoor enthusiast, trained in wilderness survival tactics, a 26 year martial artist, DJ, EMT and amateur writer. Jason conducts bigfoot field research, witness interviews and more for The Crypto Crew.

Report from Eric Perry
Taken by Jason Morse

I was contacted recently by Eric Perry, Founder of CNHPS (Central New Hampshire Paranormal Society), with a very interesting account. He was camping a short time ago on the border of Maine and New Hampshire while doing a paranormal investigation.

The location was Parsonsfield, Maine. While investigating a report of a haunting, they went outside to go from one building to another, when Eric and his associate heard a noise that, as Eric put it, “Made the hair on your neck stand up and stopped us dead in our tracks.” He went on to say that the noise started off at a low pitch, then progressively grew into a high-pitched scream, all in a couple seconds. Now, this may sound like the run-of-the-mill “I heard something go bump in the night”, HOWEVER, recall the report taken a mere couple weeks ago, from Conway, NH? The vocalizations that were heard was approximately 70 miles to the report of a gentleman watching one get up from a crouch and walk away with a limp. The fact that there was 2 reports so fairly close together, one of which told to me by someone I have the utmost respect for, in such a short time frame really gets my excitement going.

I expect there to be more from this area in the near future. Stand by and see for yourselves!!
- JM

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