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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Bigfoot in lake
Bigfoot Steps out of Lake?

This report by TCC's Jimmy Craze. Jimmy is an avid outdoors man who enjoys fishing and bigfooting. He conducts field research and witness interviews for The Crypto Crew.

Possible Bigfoot Seen in Lake

This report comes from Georgia and it happened about a month ago. It was at  a lake in Temple, Ga.

While Jimmy was out fishing in his boat one night he seen some bright eye shine next to a house but it appeared to be in the lake.
Upon investigating the area he took the above photo of a very large wet footprint on the edge of the bank of the lake.

In the above photo Jimmy is standing with his heels are on a big tree root that runs across the edge of the bank and from that root towards the lake, it drops down to the water about 1-1/2 to 2 ft.

After doing more investigating and returning in the daylight the next day, Jimmy took this photo for an after picture.

 In the after photo you can see the root running along the bank. I have placed an arrow to show the direction the foot track was going.
And right next to this was a 6 ft fence with knee to waist high weeds and against the fence it was trampled down were something has been walking there quite often.

So, could it have been a Bigfoot in the lake? It is very possible it could have been. It is also highly doubtful that a person would have been wadding around the lake at night. Plus if you think about the eye shine, a person would not give off eye shine.

Has anyone else seen a bigfoot in a lake or stream? If so please let us know.

Of course, we can not say for 100 percent that it was a Bigfoot, but it is very possible.

Jimmy is continuing to investigate the area for other evidence that Bigfoot is visiting this lake.

We hope to have an update at a later time.


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