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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bigfoot in New Hampshire
Mock up photo of the bigfoot.

This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

I got in a fresh report of a Bigfoot sighting in New Hampshire. I crossed check our Sightings Map and there has been some tracks and sightings fairly close to this recent sighting. Here is the report and then some pictures after.

-Start Report-
Name: Dave ******* (Last name withheld)
Email Address: (Email on file)
State: NH
County: Coos
Date of Sighting: 7/7/14
Time of Day: 4:00 PM
Nearest Town: Jefferson
Length of Sighting: 15 to 25 seconds
How many Witnesses: Me
Any Photos/Videos: Not of what I saw but of the location and truck.
Describe sighting in detail: 
My family and another family just returned to our cabin (The Christmas Cabin) around 3:30 PM at Josselyn's Cabins in Jefferson NH.  The cabin is one of about seven located just off RTE 2.  The afternoon looked somewhat unsettled, which cut our trip to Santa's Village short.  My wife and her friend left to go to the store while her friend's husband, four yr old girl, their toddler, my two young boys and I stayed to play whiffle balls between raindrops.

The rain began to get heavy so the three older children went into the cabin.  This left us two adult males and the toddler outside on the somewhat covered porch. After ten minutes or so, the rain turned to drizzle so we brought the toddler down to the front yard grassy area and began playing ball again.

This is when I thought I saw something move in the clearing behind an old pick-up truck approx 250 feet away (I measured the distance using my size 10s the next morning).  I turned my attention back to the toddler.  Once I focused my eyes back to the toddler, a black mass stood up from behind the truck and proceeded to move in a direction approximately one o'clock from me.  I only viewed the object from the right side (it moved left to right). It did not run but moved in sort of a lumbering glide while dragging its right leg a bit.
I was frozen in disbelief and fear. I have seen bears and it was not a bear.  The object appeared man-like from my viewing angle.  The figure's head seemed to be about level with the wood framing on the back of the truck. It was a uniform black color.  It also moved it's arms in sort of a swimming manner as it got up and walked away. 

As mentioned, the next morning I needed to go over to the spot and did so reluctantly.  The area this thing walked into has a three foot high wire fencing across it.  There was really no reason for a person to be at this place at the time this happened.  My initial thought is that it was watching us play and saw me looking at it (when I thought I was seeing something).  It then tried to disappear without being seen. 
I have not been able to sleep soundly and nearly brought my family back home to MA after this happened.  I write with 100% honesty. My wife's friend's husband did not see it but within moments of seeing what I saw, he asked me if I was feeling sick due to my appearance.
Once I got home, I searched "Bigfoot Jefferson NH", which led me to your website. I have also drawn what I saw to the best of my ability.(Picture at bottom of post) 

Here is a general map of the area

Bigfoot Sighting
General Map of area

Here are a couple photos send in by Dave

Bigfoot Sighting
Here is the truck the bigfoot was behind

Bigfoot Sighting
About where Dave was at
Dave also done a sketch of what he saw and here it is.

Bigfoot with a bad leg.

-End Report-

Thanks for the report Dave! It is very interesting that the Bigfoot appeared to have a bad leg. Could it have been some kind of old injury? Hard to say for sure. If anyone else has seen a Bigfoot in this area, please contact us.

©The Crypto Crew

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  1. They say Sasquatch are very attracted to the sound of children playing and this is what might have piqued its curiosity, playing of the whiffle ball.

  2. Now I can see his sketch resembling the one I saw in 07 if it was facing me. I never could draw anything but the proportions are so there . The way it slims down toward the hips compared to the massiveness at the shoulders & chest with a large head sitting on top , I can believe this one for sure .

    1. I hope to have a little more on this report by the end of the week.

  3. Nice report ! A little scary knowing there were young children present !! Look fwds to reading more about future sightings. Thnx

  4. Have there been any reports of Bigfoot attacking or being aggressive? Just a thought if such a situation happened what do you do?

    1. There are some and if you buy into the missing 411 book, then there is a lot of missing hikers that possibly have been taken by BFs


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