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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Bigfoot sighting in Kentucky,
Letcher county, Ky

This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

!! Bigfoot Encounter Report !!

This report comes from Letcher County, Kentucky, which is not very far from me. I have been in this area when I was a wild land firefighter, the mountains are very large and deep in this area. It also has some really remote areas.

-Start Report-
Name: Tim *******
Email Address: withheld
State: KY
County: Letcher
Date of Sighting: Oct,31/2012
Time of Day: 5:30 near dark
Nearest Town: Jenkins
Length of Sighting: encounter lasted approx. 10 mins
How many Witnesses: myself
Any Photos/Videos: n/a
Describe sighting in detail:
I was deer scouting, gun season nearing, was in a hollow called Dark hollow, coming off the top of ridge, what is known as Pine Ridge, at the end of an old logging/mining road. Just as I was about to step off the embankment to the logging/mining road, I hear a loud Woosshhh, so loud, I'm sure my eyes crossed and short moments later woosshhh, so I yelled loud as I could, wanting to warn whatever it was, that I was there, so thinking it possibly might be a bear, elk or big cat I shot a round from a 30/30,trying to show it along its merry way, and again, woosshhhh. I shot another round, 3 times I shot into the embankment trying to warn it that I wasn't there to play. And I fumbled my cell phone about to call my brother, try to get him to drive up to closely where I was and try to scare it away, which he was trick or treating with his daughter and couldn't. So I had to man-up and get to my vehicle on my own, legs shaking I backed away from the direction the woosshhing sound was coming from, I kept the embankment between me and the creature and looked back about 50 yards with blurry, watery eyes and seen the thing just standing there, upon arriving to my vehicle. Never will forget that day, was also getting foggy and misting rain.

Another Map of general area

Letcher County Bigfoot
Dark Hollow area
Follow up Questions:
Describe the creature -
I only seen that it was darkish brown and approx 6 to 7 feet in height, this was roughly 50 to 60 some yards away, about 35 minutes till dark. About 4 hundred pounds of weight. No special features, what I mean is no muscular or bodily features.
And seriously, between the fear from its sound, my eyes were really watering, not crying but as in nerve damage from the fear.
The sound was like the "wo" sound wolf and followed by the long "shhh" sound, like shhhhh and fadeing. woosshhhh.

Have you been back there?
Been back once, been there (general area) a few times, main ridge runs along hwy but a couple miles away

Any other reports from that area?
Other reports ,maybe 10 miles away, closest

-End Report-

Thanks to Tim for sharing his encounter with us. If anyone else would like to report a sighting, please use the form found Here.


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  1. Pine mnt is where me and my wife seen what we at first thought to be a bear coming down the gully on our way to Harlan.But the way it was striding across the road nonchalantly but eagerly let us know real fast that was no damn bear.My wife yelled it's a big F-ing monkey.It made its way across the road it no more that two to three strides and as graceful as a gazelle leaped from the middle of our Lane clearing the guardrail.It was on its way down the mountain on the harlen side right at the beginning of the horse trail.Lived here all my life camped for weeks at a time in these hills and never seen anything of that nature.

    1. Please use the link at the top of the page and officially submit your sighting. I will plot it on our map. Thanks.


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