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Monday, December 23, 2013

Larry Surface Releases Enhanced Video 

I was sent the following photos, artwork, and video by Larry Surface. Larry has decided to release the enhanced version of his video to the public. Larry captured a humanoid-type figure outside of his home in Ohio about 2 years ago.  Below is the video and a statement from Larry.

(All Rights to this video belong to Larry Surface, Please do not Copy. Posted with Permission)

-Statement from Larry Surface-
Two years ago I captured a video of one of the Wild Primates that roam in southern Ohio. I thought it was a breakthrough in Sasquatch research, but unfortunately, it was met by silence by the scientific "Ape theorists". And dubbed a fake by the TV and Internet personalities. To them, it looks too "Human" to be a Sasquatch.
Although only a small percentage of viewers called me a hoaxer, it was enough to drive me out of the public view for a while. But now after spending considerable time in enhancing the video, I'm going to repost it. And just avoid seeing the insulting remarks by not looking at the comments.
I was hoping that it would have been used in the DNA project,
but apparently they have something better.
-Larry Surface-

Here is a painting of the figure (All rights belong to Larry Surface)

A big thanks to Larry for letting us share the video.

With any evidence, good or bad, that is released there is always criticism, we just have to shrug it off and keep working.


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