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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Possible bigfoot track in KY
Bigfoot Track
The photo comes to us from Tabatha Steagall. It, along with other tracks, were found in her garden back on June 15, 2013. The location was Carter County, KY.

Here is what she told me about the event.

"My family was working in the garden. My Dad had plowed between potatoes and then we were planting other stuff like corn and beans up above the row where the print was found.
We got done planting and had to build a fence with yarn and garbage bags to keep the deer out. My dad left to work in hay, my Mom & me went to get more bags at her house,and my sister and my husband and the kids went to my house to get water to drink.
When we got back my 6 yr old ran to the end of the garden to beat us all there. He started screaming that he found a bigfoot print, we thought he was joking or mistaken. Until we got out there and seen it, he had bent down and knocked some dirt into it, but not much at all. I couldn't believe it, I seen it, but I was really searching my brain for what else it could be. We looked around and found four or five in all, but that was the best one(Pictured above).
I measured one and it was 15 inches long. The others were in places we had been working all day, but this one was in the row plowed that no one went back to.
There is no way it was a person, the only way in or out is to pass my house and my sister and husband would have seen someone go in. We were only gone for 20 or 30 minutes at the most.
I have no other explanation for it, believe me I have racked my brain. I don't even think I truly believed it until about 7 pm that evening when I got on line to compare it to other tracks and seen that circle in my print kind of looks like the ball of the foot. Then I pretty much knew what it had to be.
People say its faked, I really like to hear that because that means we found a good print. I'm not going to swear that I know 100% that its a bigfoot print, but I'm 100% positive that its not faked or made by my family in the garden that day. I even made everyone put there shoes in the dirt to check their foot prints and they sure didn't look like whats in the picture LOL!"

Over the years there has been many reports from Carter county, KY and it appears it is still an active area.
A special thanks goes out to Tabatha for sharing her photo and story with us and allowing us to share it with our readers.

Anyone else who has anything to share about bigfoot, ghost or UFOs please contact me via email (thecryptocrew@kih.net) or on facebook.


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