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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Interview with Bob LaFlamme about EVPs and More

This is an interview I recently did with Bob LaFlamme. We talk about the EVP he recorded on a voice-activated recorder left in a cemetery tomb. We also talk about Bob's Near Death Experience (NDE) and some of the things he saw.
Here is the interview

Here is the enhanced version I did of Bob's original EVP recording.

I know this post and story may not appeal to everyone due to its religious overtones but the NDE phenomenon does have an air of mystery surrounding it and has been reported by many people.
Just what the cause and purpose of NDEs is open for debate I suppose but most who have them make a complete turnaround in their lives for the better.

As for EVPs they are pretty commonplace on most TV shows but this one kind of stands out due to the question posed by Bob and his question was "What is it like to be dead?"
The EVP was recorded at an old cemetery tomb in Athol, Ma. and the photos used in the interview, including the attack photos, are from the event and area.

A special thanks to Bob, Carole, and their family for sharing the original EVP with me and for doing the interview.

I hope you enjoy this interview and if you have had a similar experience with either EVPs or NDEs, feel free to contact me.


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