Friday, April 5, 2013

Unknown Skeleton of a Monster found?

Unknown skeleton?

I personally think this is a frilled shark , sometimes call a frill shark, but what do you think?
eel? dragon? hoax? sea snake?


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  1. Frill shark skulls are not that big in the top photo.

  2. Sharks have no bones

  3. This is definantly mammalian in my opinion . Freeze the video at 1:33 and study the skull for a moment. The three "pronged" structure to the front of the skull appears to be for supporting a "fleshy muzzle-like" appendage...the breathing "ports" are located to the rear of this structure. Directly below this same structure are what looks like sockets for "tusk-like" protrusions...and the rear-most sockets are ...of course...eye sockets. This is an unknown...and Not a my opinion. Anyone got the whole story on this ?

  4. Why didn't they show it off before they ate it


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