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Another Unknown Creature Photo

What is this thing?

The above picture was posted on Twitter recently, or so the story goes, of this strange, possibly unknown creature. The report is that the photo was taken in the united states in the south west. Not much info to go on really.
Could this be a dog? I don't know for sure but it appears to be in a plastic bag and to be very dead.

I do not know where or who took the photo, but wanted to share it in case anyone can give us some more details of  what it is or where and who took the photo.


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  1. Image was posted on Twitter by Jonah King. Matt Moneymaker did not reply to his request for identification. Jonah found it in the trash bag in rural SW Mississippi. It had been picked at by buzzards and is probably a dead pet monkey of some sort.

  2. Maybe a young dogman cuz were I live these hills are home for them, an peaceful animals


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