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Saturday, March 16, 2013

GA Dash Cam" Lumpkin Co. 5/16/09
Bigfoot video - Georgia, Dash Cam Video. Lumpkin County GA, 5/16/09. Terrible quality video but the police officer and female passenger talk about what they seen. What ever this is crosses the road really quickly.
I know this is an older video but it is worth a look. I really don't know who to credit for originally uploading the video. If this was a person in a suit they can run really fast and I might have been..who knows for sure. Still pretty fun to watch and hear.
According to Facebook/FindBigfoot this thing is really fast , here is what they said: ".. speed of 30mph as it crosses 7m in 1.3 seconds and 12 meters in just over 2 seconds." That is fast.
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