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Friday, March 8, 2013

(Watch in HD - adjust the settings)
This video was filmed by Albert Fuhs. This is an ongoing research area and project for Albert. He now has better equipment and is working on a film with some other people and hopes to release it later this year.
I have seen other photos and videos from Albert's research and some of them are amazing.

I thank Albert for sharing this video with me and allowing me to share it with everyone.

While some may say this is nothing, I think it is real sasquatch bases on what Albert has told me and on several other photos I have seen from the same area.

In the future I hope be able to share more of Albert's research with everyone.


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  1. It's refreshing to see transparency in research for a change. Thanks for posting Tom.

  2. I have become pretty good friends w/Albert & He IS the REAL DEAL! These Bigfoots R like a 2nd family to him & he Cares Very deeply for them. His #1 goal is to protect them & the areas they live in by proving they R Very REAL. He is a wonderful man & thanks for sharing sum of his work.

  3. Another disappointing Blobsquatch

  4. Negative space, is all. Just requires a overactive imagination and stir (said as a believer).

  5. Blob squatching has become the norm....How can anyone claim to be an expert in this field.. minutes,days,months and yes years have yet to be accounted for WITH VISUAL TIME SPENT AT THESE TIME FRAMES....come on people give up the good pic's not blobs seems all research teams baiting and trying for the best and clear photosif you are in the field more then your casual weekend don't post anything unless it is CLEAR PHOTOS

  6. Shadows, logs, no movement… Just stop with posting things that waste our time. And your own.


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