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Monday, January 7, 2013

Wood county,WV

I recently got and email from Dustin Ostrowski, some of you might remember him he had a sighting once before and we did a interview with him, well it appears he has had another sighting.

Dustin and his friend Levi Byers were out deer hunting and Dustin managed to shoot a deer. The sighting took place while they were looking for the deer Dustin had shot.
Dustin told me:
"I was looking for my deer I shot! I saw what looked like big foot!
We were trailing a doe that I had shot and looked up and at around 75 yards away and it was there"

One of the things I ask Dustin was if he found the deer, I was thinking maybe the bigfoot was trying to get a free meal.
Here is what Dustin told me
"Yes I found the deer. I wasn't gonna let him/her get me from getting my deer. lol"

Here is the report info:

Name of  witnesses: Dustin Ostrowski & Levi Byers.
Both boys are 15 years old.
Date of Sighting: I think it was 12/28/12
State & County:  Williamstown, WV. ( wood county)
Length of the sighting: 3 and a half minutes.
Describe the creature:  He/she was 8 foot muscle a lot of it.
Color of Creature: It had light grey fur.
Time of day: Around 4.30

We are continuing to gather info on this report.
Thanks goes to Dustin and Levi for reporting this sighting.

Here is a picture of the area that Dustin sent us.

Here is the Interview we did with Dusting abut his first sighting.


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