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Monday, January 7, 2013

Attacked By A Yeti?

A Tragedy In Zhejiang, China

By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

Per capita, there are few reported attacks by bigfoot/type creatures anywhere in the world. And of the few that are reported, even fewer are as tragic as the attack on a woman in Zhejiang, China. And it’s such a fantastic tale, we have to question if it’s really true or not. But here goes:

It is said to have happened on a May afternoon in 1957. A woman named Xu Fudi was attending to her daily chores when she heard the blood-curdling scream of her young daughter who was herding the family’s cattle (yaks). She ran down to check on her young daughter, and was horrified to see her in the tight grip of what looked to be a young, powerful yeti.

As the story goes, with what had to be a strong rush of adrenaline, the woman picked up a large stick and started beating the creature. She said it let go of the girl and took off into the paddy fields, but got stuck in the mud and couldn’t move. Xu Fudi claimed to have kept beating the creature as other women in the village joined in.

According to the story, the women managed to beat the creature to death. But they were still so terrified of it that they hacked its body into pieces. The next day, villagers claimed to hear haunting mournful-sounding cries coming from the hills.

I couldn’t find more details about the story; like how big the creature might have been. So this story may remain a mystery. But yetis are rumored to reach up to 11 feet in height. They have incredible strength, and live in some of the coldest, most inhospitable areas of the world. So it might be difficult for a group of women to kill a full-grown yeti with sticks. But who knows? I might be wrong. *******DF
[source:Paranormal About]

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Monday, January 07, 2013 2 comments » by Thomas Marcum
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  1. Keep on looking, there is more of this story.
    As I recall the creature was greyish, short but heavily built.
    A doctor viewed the body and kept parts of it, saying things like hands and genitals looked very human.
    Next day the villagers went looking in the area the mourning sounds came from and found some empty caves, their entrances shielded by woven branches so thick no human could do that.
    Seems to me he was just attracted to the young woman, maybe he should have brought flowers.

  2. "Morphological characteristics and measurements were assessed; radiographic analysis was done on the bones; the specimen’s fingerprints, palm prints and hair were examined. These showed that the “monster” was neither Wildman nor ape, but a large terrestrial macaque. This macaque was 1.2 m in height, 25 to 30 kg in weight, being quite similar to the macaque found in China’s Huangshan (Macaca speciosa subsp.)"


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