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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

St. Joe's River
I received another sightings report, well actually it is two different sightings, these took place years ago but it is still important to get them recorded.

Here is the report sent to me by JT

JT's 1981 sighting -
"I was hunting in Idaho with father when I was 16, I was on a mountain side near St. Joe's river,
I had a mule deer in my sights and as I fired the deer fell, and I saw the creature by a thicket of trees.
It was large, hairy and had long arms. It made a loud yell, it was mad I think. Our outfitters said it was a  bear 8 foot standing as a man, bull crap I know what I saw. It was 300 yards away and I could of shot it but I froze up."

JT's Sighting in 1972
"When I was 7 in Maryland, we called them swamp apes, I was on the beach below the house and
it came out of marsh. It was smaller, 6 foot and had a baby in arms, it ran away fast and it yelled and broke a tree. As it ran off  I was crying and got my dad, he was hard on me and said it was a bear. People say I'm a nut, oh well I saw what I saw yes they are real. I think they travel under ground in sulfur mines, at times it smelled of sulfur.  That's it but my brother in law had 1 jump on his car not
far from here many reports 30 mins away. Once you see 1 you never forget it. "

We would like to thank JT for sharing his sightings with all of us, So Thanks JT.


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