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Friday, December 28, 2012

I got an email today of another loud boom. Here is the email.

"Today 12-31-2012 around 12:00 pm a Loud Boom was heard from my house to ten miles away. I called the house down the road to see if he heard and is hard of hearing and he also heard the Boom. My best friend who lives a mile up the road from me called to see if I heard both of them they were 20 minutes apart.
I called my cousin who lives 10 miles away and she also heard both Booms.
There was no smoke that anyone could see. Nothing is on the news. Just wanted to report this to you after reading the article."

Bonnie ****** 
Clarkson, Ky 42726

TCC - Thanks Bonnie! Keep us posted.
- End Update -

I have gotten a new report of a loud boom in Northern Kentucky on Dec. 26, 2012.
I received the follow email from Maggie and here is what it said.
"I was googling to see if there was any info on a really loud boom in Union KY (just south of Cincinnati OH) and I came across your sight.
At around 9:26 am today (Dec.26 2012)
A Boom so loud it shook my house.  I live in a brick house.  I ran outside to see if a vehicle crashed into the house. There was nothing.
I overheard a woman at the grocery store talking on her cell and she said as she walked by "yea, I heard it too!  It was around 9:25."
Some are saying that the earlier boom that happened in Southeast ,Ky was due to the military shooting some kind of tank/weapon around Fort Knox, but this does not hold water for me. The reason  it does not hold water is that for one Harlan county is just too far away and for another why would they be shooting some kind of weapon at around 12pm at night.  
And now we have a new mystery boom in Northern Kentucky. It all seems a little strange to me and it could be earthquake related.
If anyone has any info on the recent booms in Northern or Southeastern Kentucky please contact me via email at thecryptocrew@kih.net
Southeast Ky Boom Story - Click Here

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Friday, December 28, 2012 No comments » by Thomas Marcum
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