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Friday, December 28, 2012

This is a post by TCC Team Member Dale Drinnon.
Dale has a degree in Anthropology with a background in Zoology and Paleontology.
Visit his Blog - Frontiers of Zoology

The top composite shows three images of what I take to be the actual Sasquatch type of the Pacific Northwest, the more humanlike Eastern Bigfoot or American Almas and the more apelike form of Eastern Bigfoot, the Skunk apes or NAPES.
The first image (named "Jada")I take not to be an actual Sasquatch but a representation of the type: the Kwakiutl hat-mask (The below photo is much like it. Another one of the same type was just sent to me from a facebook Sasquatch group but I think it is possibly a photograph of a manufactured bust. It is very large.

The more manlike one at center top is easily recognized simply because it IS more manlike: I consider the "Minnesota Iceman" to be an example of this.
Once again there are many witnesses' impressions to go by, but I feel fairly certain that the very good sculpted busts by Alex Evans are a good representation of this.

I also feel that if you had the creature shown in Melissa Hovey's (On the left in the above photo) American Bigfoot Society photo of the hairy back and then you turned it around, you would have again the same type of a face. The face bust is currently being used to advertise a Southeastern Bigfoot convention, and Melissa Hovey has given me written permission to reprint the photo. I find the best likeness to match the bust is an old bust of the Heidelburg man (Reconstruction based on the Mauer jaw) and this is indeed a candidate for the type (and so identified by Mark Hall and Loren Coleman) for the same Eastern Bigfoot population: Mark Hall illustrates a skull of the type taken from a historical grave and published in the 1920s.

The third image on the top composite represents the more apelike creature called variously the Wood Ape or Tree ape, Swamp ape or Skunk ape. It leaves tracks with an opposed big toe, but more like the tracks of the "Orang Pendek" in shape than the tracks of any of the "Known" great apes. There are a large number of "Blobsquatch" photos of the type floating around the internet (but also in the case of the more humanlike kind) and here is another example from the Bigfoot Evidence blog and also a comparison between the two types of tracks from the Eastern USA.


The young ones of the more humanlike kinds are much brainier than the young ones of the other two kinds, if the photo from Arkansas of the "Unidentified Primate" can be trusted. And the brighter orange colored reconstruction represents the face of the more apelike kind-showing the characteristic small beady eyes stuck close together, vertically elongated eye-sockets, peak or lump on the top of the head "Two large holes" nose and the protuberant mouth which opens to show large fangs. the ears are usually small and not noticeable. Some cases of "Glowing eyes" are reported.

Here is a straightforward comparison between the Patterson film Sasquatch and the Edwards photo: the more apelike one has an even smaller head, pinched shoulders, longer arms and very short legs that do not raise it high up out of the ground cover.

Such creatures are reported hoarding and eating acorns in areas with oak trees, and in places as far apart as Ontario and Georgia are said to raid orchards of apples, pears and peaches, and it seems that they store food up over the winter and sleep fitfully in guard over their hoards in hollow logs and dug-out dens they have made. Any photographs of "Bigfoot" up any trees are likely to be of this type also.
They seem to come in two basic color schemes, All-black (or very dark brown) and red (or orange) the orange colored ones are often said to resemble orangutans very closely, and the black or dark ones are said to resemble chimps or gorillas, but not usually so strongly.

[Sources: bigfoot evidence,American bigfoot society]

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Friday, December 28, 2012 6 comments » by Thomas Marcum
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  1. I always wondered if they store food...has anyone ever found a food storage? Or seen them putting it away?

  2. As for the ape kinds, yes, they have been seen making stashes and reported as sleeping on them/protecting them in the winter. One case especially I remember was in Arkansas and two hunters said they found a creature in a hollow log they thought was a bear at first but it turned out to be an "orangutan", and the log was otherwise stuffed with apples and such from the fall season before. This would have been in the forties or fifties, I'm thinking.

  3. By the way, please note that I am NOT advocating three unknown species of what we call Bigfoot. Both the manlike kind and the apelike kind stand a pretty good chance of being "Known" species of humans or apes. Only time will tell on that point.

  4. Just as there are different races of people, and different variations in several types of animals, why is it a stretch to assume there are different variations of bf creatures. Not only do they vary in appearance but in behavior also.

  5. Incidentally, credit for the "Blobsquatyc" photo third down goes to Joe Del Gallo. No disrespect to Joe was meant for the oversight and no disrespect to the photo was meant by calling it a "Blobsquatch".I did consider the photgraph indicated something interesting, and indicated a specific sort of Bigfoot you could tel from the others by the shape of it.


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