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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Game Cam - Is it time to rethink how we use them?

Why Trail Cams Aren’t Working 
How To Think Like A Sasquatch
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

            I believe it was Einstein that described the definition of insanity as doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting a different result. So sometimes, when we keep doing something the same way time and again and aren’t getting what we want, we need to simply try it another way.

            With the invention and availability of trail cameras in the last twenty years or so, bigfoot researchers have set them up everywhere they could, and have managed to get all kinds of great shots of all the wildlife in the woods. All of it, of course, except for bigfoot...the stuff we’re REALLY looking for.

            One of the biggest questions about the existence of bigfoot is why, with all the strategically placed trail cams everywhere imaginable, why do we still not have a good, clear picture of bigfoot? Could the answer be simple? 

            And maybe you’ve thought of this too. But I’m going to actually say it.

            Is it possible that our hairy counterparts don’t use trails as much as we think? Maybe we’re thinking they follow the trails looking for their prey, but what if they don’t?  For a very elusive creature, believed to be an ambush predator, hanging around on game trails wouldn’t be it’s best strategy. A creature of this size would surely scare game away if he was standing on the trail. And as humans use the trails, he would be more visible to us too.  So maybe hiding alongside the trails would be better?

            Any other predators out there hunting other animals lower on the food chain are smart enough to know to stay off the trails. They skulk around near them hiding, waiting and watching for their prey. Would bigfoot be any different?           

            But when we start thinking about other places to put them, the idea becomes more complicated. With an estimated 747 million acres of forested land in the U.S., and realizing that one trail cam MIGHT cover 1 acre of land, we’re faced with the need of a lot of trail cams (like one per acre of ground) in order to be effective in getting one decent picture of a sasquatch...maybe.

            But as discouraging as that is, it doesn’t erase the idea of using them. We still need to use them as much as possible, but maybe rethink their placement. Maybe start thinking more like bigfoot, and where would I be hanging out if I were one?

            I would be in the roughest, deepest, darkest, most complicated areas I could find. Places where a trail cam might capture only a few feet of area in front of it.  And places that a human would have a real problem accessing.

            So we’d have to be smarter than the creature we’re pursuing. But so far, it seems we’re not. And we can’t claim we are until we have plenty of clear shots of the them.  But, of course with this idea, the researchers job just became a lot harder. But it never was easy, was it?   ********DF

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  1. Great post. That is an age-old issue. I give MK Davis creds for having videos taken from places where people have set up continuous running video to capture BF in places they know they frequent. This narrows the field down. Those films show the BF's in the distance. They aren't about to get close up to the cams to set off a trap cam. Most folks go into the woods and set cameras up on game trails and then leave. They have no chance in hell with a camera set off by motion unless there are some BFs in the woods as dumb as, say, Kim Kardashian.

  2. I suggest going out a few nights and seeing where the BF activity is and place the camera's in that area. I do think it will be in a remote hard to get to area. Though I do think they have there paths, and trails, off the game trails. Though they will know where the game cams are put and may avoid them where ever we put them. I do think they will show themselves when they are ready, and we are ready.

  3. I have a couple of other theories regarding the lack of bigfoot photos on trail cams.

    1) Being as intelligent as they are, I feel certain if they spot a trail cam they know it is not part of the natural environment. While probably curious, their instincts also probably tell them to stay away from unknown items as they may be associated with mankind and their experience with us has not been good.
    2) I also believe they can probably see into the infrared spectrum so that at night these cameras shine like beacons in the woods. We can't see the light, but they do. Again, they avoid that which is unnatural in the woods.


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