Monday, November 19, 2012

New FAKE Video -- How Many Will Think It's Real?

"This video was recorded in Litchfeild County, CT on November 17th by a freind who's a professional wedding photographer using the video function on his DSLR. We had heard something at the garbage cans - thought it was a bear, and stayed in the house and filmed out a window. By the time we had the camera out the thing was accross the road at the edge of a farm feild. At first it DOES look like a bear - but than it stands up totally erect (or at least it seems that way to us) and goes up and down a bit then takes off running. We were scared Sh#$%-less. We called the animal control guy, who just said that if it comes back call him while it's there. It could still be a bear - but it's movements are so strange... we all swear it was bigfoot - even though we think that bigfoot is B.S. We just don't know what to think. No more fish in the garbage!"

TCC - This a new fake bigfoot video. Big loose suit. But it makes me wonder just how many people will swear on their life it's real?  


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1 comment:

  1. I'm not so sure this is a fake.
    Step movments (jounce)seem classic and behavior seems atypical of a hoax. Manner of flight is very abrupt and unusually quick.
    You can also see evidence of *shine* off the body..not something a matted hair suit easily produces


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