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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Make sure to watch in HD - Adjusting setting
This video comes from Russia but I do not know anything about the back story.
There are several still frames at the end of the video that are the most revealing.
This figure reminded me of "Patty" from the Patterson footage.
I have attempted to pull more detail from the footage.
I hope you find it interesting. I think this has a chance of being a real bigfoot.

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  1. when video stopped u can see what looks like pants on the left leg?? I am not so sure it is real

    1. I'm not sure either but if it is a real sasquatch it must either be young or under feed as it is skinny.

  2. Well.....if that's a bigfoot, then its a snow shoe wearin' bigfoot. Watch the first few walking frames and look at the heels. Both feet have something extending out about 6 inches from the heels. One thing I always do when looking at a bf video is look at the feet. They are called bf for a reason, so I always look. If they have man sized feet then I can usually find other clues...like do they raise their shin up to the level it needs to be. That's when I saw the snow shoes. FAKE !

  3. Just to clarify my opinion. I dont think they are wearing yer classic type tennis racket snow shoes. But they are wearing an abbreviated version of a snow shoe. Watch full screen, the heel rises of the first few steps. I see it clearly, so you will too.


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