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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

To Kill or Not to Kill

A Terrible Truth?
The Great Burden Of Proof Of Sasquatch
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

            There’s a subject in the Bigfoot community that’s mostly taboo. Many would never think about it at all. Others might think about it but could never do it, while some would most certainly do it in a heartbeat, just to lay the subject to rest.

            To kill a sasquatch or not is the most controversial question we face in our whole quest for proof. With so many researchers out searching endlessly for just the right evidence, do we ever realize that any evidence that’s found is just a pittance. With so many different kinds of evidence being faked these days, we have to force ourselves to ask the question,  “What will it really take for the rest of the world to believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that sasquatches are real?”

            You know they’re real, and I know they’re real. Many of us feel we don’t need proof because we know what we know. But the rest of the non-believing world DOES need proof if we can even hope to protect them. But how do we do it?

            The hoaxers are becoming more skilled, and we argue endlessly about what’s real evidence and what’s faked. We can only come to one solid conclusion about that, and that is that there is far less evidence for the existence of the creatures than we’d like to believe. If we consider that maybe 95% of existing so-called evidence is actually fake, then it puts everything into a very sad perspective. Real bigfoot evidence is rare.

            Close-up picture and video evidence of a live creature would still not be enough for everyone.   And even those that claim to co-habitate with the creatures can’t produce a spot-on, clear photograph of them.  And even if they did, someone would still call it a fake, and nothing would be resolved no matter what was presented.

            So, knowing all this, what do we do about it? If every piece of evidence is subjective; if there is nothing that we already have that proves to everyone indisputably that the creature exists, what are we left with?

            The very least we would need is a live capture, which, in knowing what we know, would be next to impossible. Should we have researchers running around the woods with massive tranquilizer guns? Chances are, even IF you were able to tranquilize a sasquatch at all, it would be out of sight and gone before you could capture it. `So we’re left with the horrible, unspeakable idea of acquiring a body to prove a point. Not just a piece of flesh and some DNA, but an entire body easily recognized by everyone that could be analyzed and recorded by the scientific community.

            It’s not an easy thing to talk about. It’s a horrible thing. But I dare say it’s in the back of many of our minds.

            There was, of course, a lot of anger over the idea of the “Sierra Kills” and how it supposedly happened, but were we all secretly a little relieved to think that having Bigfoot DNA from an actual body in our possession might actually be the big ticket to indisputable proof? Did we all take a deep breath and dare to hope those creatures didn’t die in vane and we’d, in the most horrible way imaginable, been given a gift that we’d waited so long to receive.  Maybe two dead bodies sacrificed to save an entire species?

            Now I don’t want to see one dead, and most everyone else doesn’t either. We want to believe we can still prove this without that kind of evidence. Since we’re still waiting for DNA proof and we don’t know when or if that might happen, if we had another body in our possession right now that would remove every last shred of doubt, would we condemn that death for long if it got us what we need to save the rest of them? ****** DF

©The Crypto Crew

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  1. oh....think we would have more luck killing one? and if they are interdimensional, think you can recover it over there? i guess i am saying i don't think we can...why? because it hasn't been done yet.

  2. If a "Bigfoot" was Killed (As in the Sierra Kills) and Announced, Would the Government get Involved and Cover it up anyways? And why would they? I am NOT Advocating Killing the Creature (Unless it came at you in a violent manner), It would be in our (and their) Best interest if they were Studied. Seems there are Several types, Some that are Cannibalistic to the Fruit/Leaf eating variety. Even Capture would be a NO for me, Simply because they Travel in Small Groups of 3 to 5, and the Removal or Death of One could be the Death to All.


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