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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A bigfoot Mask/Suit -  Have you seen this one recently? 
Following The Hoaxing Craze 

Why Are We Being Fooled So Easy These Days? 

By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher

            Thank heaven it’s a brand new world in the realm of Bigfoot these days. Myth and folklore are finally giving way to real scientific data. And all the tracking, photographing, and trailcam efforts are paying off big. But Bigfoot is becoming an interesting topic to the rest of the world too. And with that comes a price: hoaxing...and lots of it. This seems to be the worst year yet for fake footage.

            Thanks to all the serious researchers in this new age that make mysteries become reality, we’re going to eventually give Bigfoot a new scientific name and a voice and picture in the animal kingdom.   But what about all the reports, pictures, and videos that turn out to not be real? How do we pick through the fakery and find the real thing?

            For one thing, bigfoot is real. Just not as often as we think. And the hoaxers out there are more educated now, and better able to pull off better trickery that can almost fool us. But we might want to ask ourselves why we’ve been sucked in so easily lately.

            With everyone waiting for Dr. Ketchums DNA paper to surface after all these many months, it’s now been established that many of us don’t believe that piece of paper will ever see the light of day...and we’re frustrated. Very frustrated. We need something real to latch on to, and we need it fast. So is that making us more vulnerable to hoaxes? Or are there just more and better hoaxes out there?

Both maybe?

            Next, we should maybe stop relying so much on the researchers (even with the great job they do for us) and start looking to individuals who just happened to have a camera out at the right time and captured something. While at the same time, we should always take a closer look at the origins of these videos. We’re familiar with the known hoaxers, but we should always be on the lookout for new ones.

            And maybe we should treat every video with more undemocratic scrutiny; like every one is a hoax until we prove it’s real. Guilty until proven innocent as it were.

            And finally, but not least, we should be careful of simply agreeing with the experts
 when they tell us some evidence is real. If you think about it, there is really no such thing as a bigfoot expert. Everyone is subject to being fooled at some time. They’re all human after all, just like the rest of us; all capable of being mistaken. It happens, and we need to be more aware of that.

Bigfoot Prints can be fake.
            We need to go over every piece of so-called evidence and footage with a fine-tooth combed and a microscope. We need to look at it closely, then look at it again. And then we need to have someone else look at it too. Every possibility of a hoax needs to be meticulously scrutinized by all available experts in forensics and biology, etc.

            We’re a community of believers for the most part, and we badly want proof right now to show to the world. We want to be proven right once and for all. And given what this community has been through, we all deserve that much. But it’s still possible that Bigfoot evidence, I mean real bigfoot evidence, may still be almost as rare as it was when we started. It’s possible the creature is still outsmarting us after all this time. ********DF
 [Fake track image from Orgoneresearch]

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