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Monday, July 30, 2012

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  1. It seems to me much of our cultural references, that have lasted thousands of years, point to our need to distinguish us from them.

    Our obsession with body hair, and the desire to rid ourselves of it, point to this. As do comments like, "low brow"..the list is long of ways we try and elevate ourselves above Neandertals and other hominine living concurrently.

    We know now, at least as recently as 17,000ypb, H. florensis was around, and since you and I know BFs are living today, seems that pressure to elevate and distinguish never went away... cave men!

    To Taylor: actually H. erectus was taller than H.sapien back 200,000 years ago.. Turkana boy is a good example.

    I think BFs are an evolved H.erectus, perhaps via H.hidelbergensis. H. erectus was in Asia even before the shrink back and re-expansion of modern humans 75,000 years ago from Africa. H.erectus was also ubiquitous, an extremely successful species. With little evidence of material culture or art.

    ....either is a good bet..or Denisova too.... but genus Homo seems very likely and would fit the my field data.

    1. Homo erectus was around 5'10". While human height varies, both males and females of Homo sapiens sapiens have been known to reach over six feet tall. Turkana Boy was estimated, if it grew up, to be 6'. However, more recent studies have concluded that it would only grow up to be 5'4".*

      Homo erectus and Homo heidelbergensis didn't have hair covering their bodies. They both wore clothes (which there is evidence of), constructed fires (also evidence of that) and most important of all, had sweat glands. These sweat glands wouldn't have evolved if erectus and heidelbergensis had a full coat of hair like Bigfoot. However, firstly, there must be evidence that Bigfoot exists.

      * Graves R.R., Lupo A.C., McCarthy R.C., Wescott D.J., Cunningham D.L. (2010). "Just how strapping was KNM-WT 15000?". Journal of Human Evolution. DOI: 10.1016/j.jhevol.2010.06.007

    2. Taylor,

      Do you have evidence that the squatch doesnt sweat? We don't know how much hair erectus and heidelbergensis had--hair isn't fossilized. The use of fire could truly be irrelevant. Maybe at one time the squatch could use fire--we don't know. But what does make sense is if they evolved to be mostly nocturnal and wanted/needed to elude the destructive nature of modern humans, what good would fire do them? They can function at night! Lets say they branched off from heidelbergensis before heidelbergensis learned to use fire--I mean, its all speculation and the possibilities at this point seem endless.

    3. Like I've already said, you need to have evidence that Bigfoot exists in the first place. However, it is believed by many researchers that the evolution of skin glands is what eventually led to hairlessness in the human lineage.

      There is evidence that fires were being made by Homo erectus/ergaster over one million years ago,* long before heidelbergensis evolved.

      * Microstratigraphic evidence of in situ fire in the Acheulean strata of Wonderwerk Cave, Northern Cape province, South Africa - Francesco Berna et al. 2012 - PNAS

  2. I am in a desperate push to find a CRYPTO Speaker for my Paranormal Conference this weekend. 1st Annual Mid-Continent Paranormal Conference in Kansas City this weekend 8/3 & 8/4. I have not been able to find one that is able and i don't want cryptozoology to be unrepresented. Do you know anyone that may be interested? Can you put the word out. My email is jasonk@midcontinentparanormal.com my phone is 913-945-0097. Thanks. Hope to here from you.

    Jason Kupzyk
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  3. I think bigfoot is a branch off of H. Heidelbergensis for one reason: some populations contained individuals that were over 7ft tall.

  4. Actually evidence suggests that some H. Heidelbergensis populations in africa reached heights in excess of 7 ft and were more robust than modern humans. And since H. Heidelbergensis supposedly evolved into the neanderthals and homo sapiens, nothing says they couldn't have branched off into yet another species of man. And what would heidelbergensis look like if Vendramini's theory was correct? Also another candidate to consider may be Meganthropus Robustus.

  5. I can only find one reference for seven-foot-tall heidelbergensis specimens: http://www.thenakedscientists.com/HTML/content/interviews/interview/833/ I would actually like to see a skeleton.

    Neanderthals and Heidelbergs were more closely related to modern humans than to any other primates. To suggest that they had hair all over their bodies like most primates is absurd due to the fact that humans are hairless.

    Meganthropus, an invalid synonym of Homo erectus palaeojavanicus was less than 6'. How is this a good candidate for Bigfoot? (It is also hairless.)

  6. All parties have valid arguements because of lack of evidence! And how come no one has shot bigfoot hunting or got footage of one?

  7. there are many reports of bigfoot being shot. The guy who killed 2 in Texas,Justin Smeja recently reported killing 2 as well ..plus other reports.

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