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Friday, March 2, 2012

Bigfoot watching TV
Does Bigfoot like to watch TV?
Does Bigfoot Like To Watch TV?

By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher
Professional Writer, a nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.
Bigfoot researcher, Stan Courtney of stancourtney.com has been doing some great work in his home territory of central Illinois. He works mostly with sound recordings, and he does a lot of his best work right in his own remote back yard. He’s recorded some interesting sounds back there and made some curious observations.
It seems he’s had a couple of reports in his area about some creature looking in a window when the homeowners were watching their favorite TV shows. One couple caught sight of the large, hairy creature peaking in their bedroom window. And another found some very large footprints in a flower bed outside their living room window.  But both families had their TV’s positioned within view and it’s believed they were the main attractant. 
And when Courtney moved into his new house in the country a couple of years ago, he installed some nice extra-large glass doors  in the back so he’d have a great view of his expansive wooded yard and all its wildlife.  But he might not have imagined what this would bring him.
As he sat there every night in his living room watching sitcoms on his big TV, his recorder was doing its job outside the house in the dark yard. It seems that Courtney doesn’t use security lights outside, and his yard is far from any roads or any other lights.
For a long time, he didn’t get much of anything. But he kept the recorder running. And in  November of last year, that began to change. When he listened to some new recordings, he was a bit puzzled.  The first sounded like sad, mournful type of cry, that didn’t sound like any other animal in the area he could identify. But the second and third recording caused great curiosity. The second recording sounded like a laugh; a loud laugh that Courtney believes may be the creature mimicking him when he laughs at the sitcoms on TV.
But the third recording is the most intriguing of all. It sounds much like a muffled radio announcer or TV show. And Courtney believes it may be the creature mimicking what his TV would sound like from the outside of the house from where a creature would be listening.
Now keep in mind that Courtney is an avid hiker and is very well-versed in the sounds of all the local wildlife---and domestic animals. But the one thing that may have cemented this all in his mind is when he was exploring his back yard one day. He found a compressed area of ground, a possible nesting spot, where he believes the creature might have been sleeping. And curiously, he tried it out for himself only to find that, from that spot, he had a great view through his picture window of his own TV.
Now there are some who will speculate and criticize and try to offer any other explanation for these findings. But whatever you might think, Courtney has given real cause to believe that Bigfoot not only likes to watch TV, but he may very well be a pretty talented sound impressionist too. 

You can check out Courtney’s website and listen to Voices In The Woods 1, 2, and 3 here:
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  1. maybe the sasquatch has associated the flickering t.v. lights(at night) with humans also? meaning they probibly like watching humans in a controlled setting. when you can bet the humans heads won't be on a swivel. then they can get some good time to study humans. and if sassy keeps good time, who knows he may laugh (quietly)at those jay leno jokes!

  2. haha amazing even they like to watch TV lol.
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