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Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Hampshire
Ok, I was contacted by Jay Willey (not his real name)  and he stated that he thought he had a bigfoot sighting today.   
Here is his encounter:

Jay Willey - "While walking the dog on my road at about about 2:00 pm, I noticed the dog, Midas, acting strangely. I thought there might be coyotes around, since I hear them almost every night. I heard what I thought was a tree knock two times, we kind of  froze, Midas was growling deeply and rather quietly, and I looked at him, he was trembling a lot.
I spoke to him (He's usually very well behaved) but he ignored me and just stared into the woods and shook. I reached down an touched him, he jumped, looked at me, then started looking back out over the marsh and continued to shake.
I looked in the direction he was interested in, and saw nothing at first. I thought I noticed slight movement in one area, so I looked hard at that general area.
At a range of about 100-125 feet, I noticed a figure in the brush, took out my phone and took a picture at as much zoom as the phone would.
After about 30 seconds, and watching the figure move a few inches back and forth, I saw the figure stand upright,I about passed out.
From the distance I was at, it appeared to be about 3 feet across at the shoulders, in the area of 7-8 feet in height. I would estimate 600-750 lbs. The upper body was massive, barrel chest, huge arms, no apparent neck. I noticed a slightly cone-shaped head, and hands that was down past the waist, It looked like the elbows were a bit below the waistline, but hard to tell.
It was at this point that I was frozen as well as my dog, I was trying to compute what I was seeing in rural New Hampshire. It looked at me for just a second and turned away and walked away from me at an alarming speed, considering the terrain. I lost sight of it in 2-3 seconds, and listened for it, I heard some slight rustling of branches which faded to silence. I tried getting a picture of it in motion, but i was shaking at this point.
I took the dog home and returned about an hour later. I was wearing rubber boots due to the standing water I saw, so I walked in towards the area that I saw the figure. It appeared that the water was 12-16 inches deep, so I waded on  into it.
After I made it about 10 feet into the marshy area, I plunged up to my armpits in the cold water. I am a 6 foot-4 inch man.... I was shocked by the depth and temperature of the water, but I waded further towards where the figure was, determined to see what I could find .
I could see where there was grass parted and trampled in the area where this thing was.
However, there didn't appear to be any relief from this depth of  water in that area, and I was concerned about hypothermia, so I left and went home.
Considering the depth of the water, and the fact that I saw this figure stand, and could see from the waist up, I'd say that it may have been 8-9 feet tall to be able to have that much out of this water."
TCC -  This is a very creditable person from what I know of them. With this thing being in the marsh I would guess it was either eating some kind of roots off of water plants or possibly drinking water. 
We have plans of setting up a game cam in the area and hope to have some follow up info.
Now I will post the Pictures and the enhanced versions. (You may have to click the "read more" to see them)
[*No Reprints or posting of this article other than linking ,without permission from TCC]
[* All Images Copyright The Crypto Crew ]
Orginial picture as seen to TCC
Cut out of target area
Target circled
Various enhancements,including zoom - it's starting to show some detail 
Color and other enhancements
Trying to get more details

trying to get some details using contrast and other enhancements
Zoom and various enhancements - Lots more details
Looks like a right arm and hand, left shoulder and head visible
more shape to the left shoulder visible,hand and right arm more visible
Blue outline to help you see it or at least get an idea of the shape.
remember this was a long ways off
TCC - Remember this was a long ways off and remember the details of the encounter. What are the chances of a "guy in a suit" being out in the cold water in March and then just bolt off once someone seen them..I'd say the chances are very very slim. I think this was a real encounter and the next steps are now being taken to add a game cam to the area. My personal take on this is that in the last photo enhancement it appears to have it's head turn towards it right arm/hand and could be eating something out of its right hand.  I hope to have more info at a later date. I know the end photo is blurry but this was a long ways off and taken with a cell phone.

[Update] - We now have a game cam set up in the area. There is still some activity going on as well. Over the last few days there has been several howls and/or Whoops. We are attempting to record them but not had any success as of yet. There has been a few other odd happens with Rocks as well. I will do my best to keep you update.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. The details of the sighting make sense; and Marsh areas/Beaver ponds are fantastic areas to find food. Especially at the start of thaw. SWO

    1. yeah. This same person heard a big whoop sound last night.

  2. Where in the state was this?

  3. im guessing up north of white mountains or on border somewere

    1. This was about 10-15 miles from Portsmouth, NH.


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