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Monday, January 23, 2012

Last Night on the Finding Bigfoot TV show they featured Todd Standing and one of his videos and  all the cast basically agreed that the footage was fake and/or hoax...well except the lovable BOBO, he said it was a Squatch...but the others were not convinced. The show also told how Todd has a bad reputation among many bigfoot researchers and said his stories was kind of out there.

Well Todd Standing has now made a statement about the show and he tells quite a different story about what really happened while filming the show.

Here is what Todd said -
"I just wanted to make this clear. I offered all of the cast from "Finding Bigfoot" the opportunity to go into my research site. They refused and cannot. They will not film more then 500 yards from a road. Matt is an out of shape smoker that cannot hike up hills and Bobo has perminently injured his feet working as a commercial fisherman. I only gave them permission to use Video 2 because it is ...public anyway and i did not trust them when they refused to take or acknowledge my physical evidence( hair and scatt from bigfoot). That alone who have proved even to Renee that it could not be a man in a suit, unless i can fake DNA. I was deceived by them from begining to end. The day of the shoot i called them all on what a bullshit production they where playing. Their production company is call "Snake oil productions" and they lived up to their name. It was a very important lesson i had to learn and i am glad it's over. Bobo has appologized to me and explained his postion."

Thats right folks.... Todd said Matt Moneymaker is" an out of shape smoker that can't not hike up hills"  well if that is the case he will have a hard time finding a bigfoot.
I'm not a big fan of Matt Moneymaker and I find many times I do not agree with him..but when it comes to Todd Standing I fine it rather easy to agree with him. I think at one point Todd had a real sighting but the photos he has release in the past appear to be very fake. 
Will the Finding Bigfoot crew take a stab back at Todd or will they fold up shop like Bobo and Apologize to him....Time will tell I guess.

Happy Bigfootin'

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Monday, January 23, 2012 6 comments » by Thomas Marcum
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  1. Nice... a team of frauds "researching" a hoax for a network that calls itself Animal Planet but has apparently given up on real animals. Great TV!

  2. You know you're a fraud.

  3. Bigfoots are real....I piss from one every day.

  4. ^^^ good one anon dec26, how long did it take you to think of that dumb ass nonsense line? go to school kid.

  5. Just a bunch of know-it-all dumbasses tearing down a fraud. Standing should have known better than to have those dumbasses come to see him, especially when he's a fraud, & not a good one at that.


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