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Friday, January 6, 2012

Justin Smeja Interview - The guy who Killed 2 bigfoots.
I have added some pictures to the interview, some pictures are not related to the story but are just for visual aid...so to speak.
Do you believe his story? so do and some don't. It's interesting none the less.

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Friday, January 06, 2012 5 comments » by Thomas Marcum
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  1. Wow! Thats the first time I listened to the interview. Thanks Tom.

    When you start putting things together and the people he has been dealing with, namely Randles, who I think has a good reputation in the industry, I really leaning towards the story being completely real. To me, it doesn't sound made up. He was very fluent in his whole description of the story and his feelings, as well as the drivers. I guess only time will tell. When I had a peak at the Olymmpic Projects website, I noticed they added a photo of Justin on their homepage, as if he is a member of the team? If Randles has the rep I think he has, that adds a lot of validity to me, escpecially when the OP isn't trying to attract media attention like so many others.

    What do u think about Randles and the whole story?

  2. Justin Smeja went to work with OP after the kill..at least that is what is being told. from what I know about Randles he seems like a pretty good guy and is not known as any type of hoaxer. As I stated before...if this story is real then there is many things we don't know...I would guess IF this is true then they have pictures and maybe even a body. Also this is only part of the interview..the whole thing was about 2 hours long..too big to upload...he took questions via chat even.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I have been interested in BF for some 30 years now and watch all the shows, read all of the reports etc. I simply think this is all a fabrication. Fist off the description of the big creatures actions do not coincide with other reports. I have never heard of a BF waving its hands above its head and usually they go away from humans not towards them. I do not know any big game hunter who would shoot a bear cub much less something that looked as human as what he has described and being only 3 feet tall. My concern as well as any other persons concern would be OMG are there any other big ones in the area and he never voiced a concern about this. He repeated that to him it looked like a monster but still he states that he ran toward the area after it ran off. The main problem is the fact that he described the little one as being only 3 feet tall yet he left it in the woods. I'm sorry but any idiot would have brought that body back with them for the benefit of science if not for financial reasons. I think he is just wanting to sell books about an incident that he and his friend have made up.

  5. yeah there seems to be more to this sage. I personally think IF the story is true there is no way he didn't take pictures and/or the bodies.
    The latest rumor is that if the DNA paper is not out by mid May, Justin will get another piece of the BF steak analyzed by another DNA lab.

    so who knows for sure whats going to happen with all of this.


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