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Friday, December 2, 2011

Ketchum and Biscardi Connection. In the early days, when Stubstad and I broke this story, Ketchum made a brief appearance on the scene to attempt to shoot the messenger. She said that Richard’s samples were “not useful to the study.”
We do not believe this is a truthful statement. Instead, we believe that the Arizona toenail and the blood on the plate from Crittenden, Kentucky tested positive for Bigfoot in repeated tests. In addition, Ketchum attempted to trash Stubstad by saying that the samples came from Biscardi. In doing so, it appeared that Ketchum held Biscardi in disdain.
However, the truth is more complex. We actually don’t report much on personal relationships here other than some fancy wording that you can take however you wish. But if two adults, male and female, have a good platonic friendship, we don’t see why we should not report on that. And Ketchum and Biscardi were close friends at one point. I would urge you not to read anything more into that.
The friendship ended rather abruptly. I am happy that Ketchum and Biscardi had a good friendship, and I am sorry it ended on a sour note. Indeed, Biscardi can be a charming fellow. At any rate, Ketchum trashing Biscardi as persona non grata is rather rich considering he was such a good friend at one point.
Rumor on publication date of Ketchum’s paper. Rumor says it is coming out on December 31, 2011. There is no way to prove that one way or the other, however, the report does come from someone close to the Ketchum DNA project. Make of it what you will.

MC1R gene and Bigfoot. Skeptics say that the polymorphisms that Ketchum found in the MC1R gene has been characterized as a “Bigfoot marker” by Ketchum and she is hoping to patent a DNA test on this basis. There is no way that this is the case.
Instead, as I have reported repeatedly, Ketchum has apparently decided that Bigfoots exist based on the distance between Bigfoot genes and human genes. The difference is apparently ~2% on the nuclear side. That is, Bigfoots share 98% of our genes.

 Melba Ketchum’s “Hollywood lawyer”. Well, here he is. Hank Fastoff. He’s apparently not well liked at all, but no one likes lawyers anyway. I get that he’s a ruthless fellow, but that’s the nature of the biz. I am so glad I’m a society dropout!

Rumors of ET DNA in Bigfoot nuclear DNA. This is a very strange rumor that is floating around. The line goes that there is something in the nuclear DNA that Ketchum has found that is “not of this Earth.” The suggestion is that the DNA is from outer space, and hence the Bigfoots are derived in whole or in part from ET’s and UFO’s. Well, it sure fits the Bigfoot-UFO theory well, does it not? Wally Hersom is said to be very interested in this aspect.
Whether this is true or not, and I doubt it, I sure hope that this is not where the Ketchum team is going with their report. If so, surely this report is not going anywhere.
[Via Robert Lindsay Blog]

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