Monday, December 26, 2011

Tim Fasano (Update)

Crazy or Crazy like a Fox?

Tim Fasano is reporting that Dr. melba ketchums DNA report and results have been totally rejected but I don't think he knows anything that is why i have not posted this sooner or posted a link. Some people involved in the project have come out and totally rejected Fasanos claim. Plus if you factor in that justin Smeja is giving a Q & A on Blogtalkradio at the end of the could very well mean the paper is about to be published and Smeja can now talk about it ....of course it could mean the wheels have fell off and he can now talk about it ...but I do not think that is the case at this point.

UPDATE -  Fasano has pulled his post and rips other researchers by saying google them and then google his name. I think he is mostly speaking about timbergiantbigfoot. So if he had anything or knew anything why would he back off now? I don't think he had any inside info to start with .
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