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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Leading NASA astronaut reveals shuttle experience with disc UFO while in orbit.
a retired SCO of NASA’s space shuttle fleet revealed that he and NASA are aware of the existence extraterrestrials as well as UFOs.

A former senior member of MUFON Clark C. McClelland has disclosed in the Canadian press that secret specifics of an incredible event happened during the STS-80 mission onboard the space shuttle Columbia.

Space officers panicked and hurried to shut it up. The Disc-shaped object came out under the shuttle.
a disc-shaped UFO which was a lot bigger than the orbiting American spacecraft unexpectedly came out under the shuttle. At that moment, Columbia was keeping an elevation 190 nautical miles over the Earth.
When the shuttle came back to Earth,by Dr. Story Musgrave ( Payload Specialist )was interviewed regarding the encounter. Based on the report, the scientist evaluated a video recording of the encounter between UFO and the Columbia as the orbiter travelled over Denver, Colorado.

The UFO unexpectedly came out, appeared to be smartly manipulated, adjusted its flight vector and the most noticeable of all, the UFO seemed to monitor Columbia and her crew from space.

That mission is the last of Musgrave prior to his retirement. Certain that alien intelligence not only is out there, but is right here at this moment, the former NASA astronaut set out on his own personal quest of disclosure.

Dr. Musgrave is not alone in his declaration that UFOs and ETs are for real. In earlier years other NASA staffs have also scrambling to get the UFO or extraterrestrials information out.

Not long ago, Ken Johnston was dismissed from NASA right after he disclosed his personal knowledge regarding alien cities on the Moon.

On a speaking visit, Musgrave gave a demonstration regarding astronomy. At the conclusion of his lecture, he presented a slide upon a big screen showing an artist’s perception of the famous “Grey” aliens that turn out to be a part of contemporary civilization. His last words surprised many in the crowd when he announced that aliens and UFOs are absolutely real.

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