Thursday, October 6, 2011

Boomerang Ufo over I-70

Roger Marsh’s MUFON reports of the huge boomerang shaped UFO which hovered over I-70 and Highway 291, in the area where these two highways intersect, in Missouri. This craft had multiple independent observers and they agreed closely with each other as to what they observed.
The gigantic UFO is reported to have had numerous bright lights which were “almost blinding, like stadium lights” There were only a few lights from a rear view, and they were square, not in a straight line but at different angles. Underneath, the craft was a perfect V shape. The craft was utterly silent.
The UFO hovered very low, over I-70 and when it did move away, it apparently moved at a slow speed. It seemed that as it moved away, it split into three craft or else “expanded itself” and became so enormous as to look like three separate craft.

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