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Showing posts with label Virginia Bigfoot. Show all posts

While Virginia maybe be for lovers, it may also be for lovers of the bigfoot phenomenon.
Virginia has a total area of 42,774.2 square miles, this includes water coverage, of which 65 percent of is forest area. So in other words, there is a lot of forest area in Virginia, making it an excellent place for wildlife and bigfoot.

Recently got in a new report of a possible bigfoot sighting in Virginia. What is interesting about this is that about six or eight months ago a friend of might had a sighting in this very same area. What my friend saw he described as a cinnamon brown color.

Here is the new report
Bigfoot Photo From Virginia
Bigfoot is that you?

This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

Finding Bigfoot Photo From Virginia - Mystery Solved?

Ok. so I was going to stay out of this debate about the photo shown on a recent episode of Finding Bigfoot. The photo above was shown and some debates are now taking place about it. Some say it is a young bigfoot, while others say it is a bear.

So, I wanted to check it out more and try to show people what it is...here is a few photos.

Here is a tighter zoom on the creature in question.

Now here is some things pointed out. You can see what appears to be a long type head that includes a snout and pointy ears. The proportions are all wrong for a bigfoot.

Bigfoot in VA
Mock up photo of the sighting

This report shared by our friends at Appalachian Bigfoot of KY and VA. Make sure to give their facebook page a visit.

The witness requested this be posted as anonymous

- Witness Report-
I do believe the sighting took place around the year 2000 in the summer or fall months so it's been awhile. Me and my girlfriend at the time (who became my wife then ex) was coming back from the late movie that we had watched in Coeburn, VA.
I don't recall what movie it was as we went frequently, but I do remember it was the late movie which started at 9 and ended around 11:30-12. We left Coeburn and was going across Sandy Ridge which is about 10 minutes or so from the movie theater. I estimate the time of the sighting was roughly between 11:50pm-12:20am.
It was a dark night out, and slightly foggy once we got to the top of Sandy Ridge. It was quiet in our vehicle, we weren't talking and in the distance in the headlights we saw a tall, dark, hairy, creature that walked up-right quickly from the left side of the road, crossed the full length of the road, then leaped across a ditch and a fence in one jump. I estimate the height of the "creature" to be between 6 and 7 feet tall.
We actually passed by where we saw it another couple of hundred feet before  I said "Oh my God did you just see what I saw? At which point my girlfriend said "Oh yes I did!". We were almost speechless.
We then tried to analyze it by trying to figure out what it could have been but we were at a loss. There are several houses in the area that the sighting occurred. There is a little store that was there at the time near where the sighting occurred.
When the creature jumped across the ditch and fence, it was into a small field. I have told many people over the years about the sighting. I have always been skeptical of a Bigfoot creature, but this sighting most definitely made me feel there is something unexplained out there.
I have went by that area many times and have kicked myself for not going back that night and looking harder for evidence. I know exactly where the event happened, probably within 50 feet. It would be difficult for a grown man to leap across that fence and I would say impossible for a grown man in a Bigfoot suit to do it.
-End Witness Report-

Here is a general map of the area

This report has a very good chance of being a bigfoot in my opinion. You got to think why would anyone be out in a suit that late at night running and jumping fences in front of cars. Thanks goes to Appalachian Bigfoot of  KY and VA for sharing the report with us.


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Wood county,WV

I recently got and email from Dustin Ostrowski, some of you might remember him he had a sighting once before and we did a interview with him, well it appears he has had another sighting.

Dustin and his friend Levi Byers were out deer hunting and Dustin managed to shoot a deer. The sighting took place while they were looking for the deer Dustin had shot.
Dustin told me:
"I was looking for my deer I shot! I saw what looked like big foot!
We were trailing a doe that I had shot and looked up and at around 75 yards away and it was there"

One of the things I ask Dustin was if he found the deer, I was thinking maybe the bigfoot was trying to get a free meal.
Here is what Dustin told me
"Yes I found the deer. I wasn't gonna let him/her get me from getting my deer. lol"

Here is the report info:

Name of  witnesses: Dustin Ostrowski & Levi Byers.
Both boys are 15 years old.
Date of Sighting: I think it was 12/28/12
State & County:  Williamstown, WV. ( wood county)
Length of the sighting: 3 and a half minutes.
Describe the creature:  He/she was 8 foot muscle a lot of it.
Color of Creature: It had light grey fur.
Time of day: Around 4.30

We are continuing to gather info on this report.
Thanks goes to Dustin and Levi for reporting this sighting.

Here is a picture of the area that Dustin sent us.

Here is the Interview we did with Dusting abut his first sighting.


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The Crypto Crew - Submit Sighting - TCC Team
Interactive Sightings Map

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