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 My Crypto World Episode 39

Holy Resurrection! I finally did another episode of My Crypto World! In this episode I give you some updates and talk about some bigfoot stuff. Who knows you might actually get something out of this video!
I hope you enjoy the episode, not sure when I will do another one....lol

Episode 39

On today's show I talk with the spectacular Troy Fromin! Troy has appeared in numerous TV shows and in films. Probably his most recognizable role was the lovingly stupid football jock "OX" on the very popular TV show Saved By The Bell. But he also appeared in shows like Married with Children, The Wonders Years, Grey's Anatomy and many others.

He was also in the popular film Full Moon release Shrunken Heads His acting career has span over 30 years!

Make sure to check out the show to find our Whats in the Box!

Here is the podcast

This is just a re-broadcast of a Facebook Live that I did a couple days ago. I loaded the broadcast up to Youtube and I'm sharing here on the website. The first topic up was the recent national news of a man shooting at a bigfoot in Mammoth Cave Park. After that I tell about some personal experiences and answer questions from views.
There are numerous stories, and other topics crammed in there as well.

Here is the video and I hope you enjoy it.

TCC News host Jennifer Fugate and paranormal wizard Tony Felosi are here to tell you even more about this past year's Harlan Haunt Fest and to talk about some current and future films that we are working on.

There is a lot of information in this short video concerning our latest released film and our upcoming, very scary documentary, on the mysterious Monroe House.

Check it out.

I know for the passed little while we have not been posting up very many new articles. This is mainly due to our very busy schedule and the fact that a few members are tied up some real life issues.

Today I wanted to take a little time to bring everyone up to speed on what's going on. I also want to use this time to talk about a recent video capture of Bigfoot.

First I will start with the adventure we had last weekend. An adventure that took us to the famous Monroe House in Indiana.  

After numerous attempts to resolve an issue with the folks over at Facebook, and after receiving a followers email, I thought I would post a heads up about our website and Facebook.

We know that many of our fans and followers post our links in various groups, pages and personal pages on Facebook. If you have attempted this recently you have been greeted with the ugly message that the URL has been blocked from Facebook. We are sorry about this and want to explain why and what happened.

Well, I'm a little late on posting this long overdue episode of My Crypto World. There was good reason for the delay. The delay was caused by the very interesting picture captured by our friend Leo A Frank. I felt that was much more important than my episode. If you have not check out the post about Leo's sighting and picture, you can do so by clicking here.

Now, in this episode of My Crypto World I give you an update on the weekend of the Harlan Haunt fest and relay a rather interesting bigfoot story that was told to me. I also get to talk about a the subject of out houses. Today's youth will never know about the joys of using a out house, but boy I sure do.

Check out this episode

Its time for another episode of My Crypto World. This is a very short episode but I think there is some good information in it. First I give a short update on some new equipment and what I'm doing the next over the next few days. Then I discuss the recent and popular bigfoot track that has been making the rounds. I hope you enjoy the episode.

Here is the episode

I finally got a little time and recorded a new episode of My Crypto World. I have been pretty busy as of late, so this episode has been a long time coming.

In this episode I give some updates and information about some of the things I have going on and tackle "The Problem with Bigfoot" issue, well at least one of the problems.

This episode might not set too well with some folks but it was on my mind, so I just recorded it. Also in this episode is some information about a local dogman sighting.

Here is the episode.

Welcome to episode 28 of My Crypto World. In this episode I give some information about two upcoming Free Bigfoot events and give various updates  as to what is going on in my crypto world.

This is rather a short episode but hopefully it has some information that interest you.

Here is the video

This is kind of like an end of the year type post where I will fill you in on some of our research efforts that are currently going on. This is not our last post for this year, but I know at this time of year people get very busy with Christmas and family time, so I wanted to get it in.

So here we go.

Oregon Area
Lets start with our researchers out in beautiful Oregon, Bobby and Corinna Long. This past year has been a bit slower for Bobby and Corinna due to the fact that they moved and were busy with various life events. This move, which is in prime Bigfoot territory, resulted in them being without internet service for several months. They did manage to keep in contact with me and have been doing some research.

Recently, the discovery of  8 possible Bigfoot tracks have got their pulse racing. These tracks were found near a creek. The creek is filled with salmon that are getting ready to spawn. The salmon are an excellent food source and are loaded with protein. Protein is an essential part of the diet,(human or otherwise) as it helps fight off disease and keeps the body functioning properly. The tracks were over 15 inches long and 6 inches wide. The tracks were washed away due to the heavy rain.
We also have set up a facebook page dedicated to our Oregon research,The Crypto Crew HQ of Oregon - Give it a LIKE.

New Hampshire Area

Jason Morse takes care of  New Hampshire and surrounding areas for TCC. Jason recently won Bigfoot picture of the year in the 2015 Paranormal Award contest. This past year Jason has had very limited time for researching due to his heavy real world work load. He has managed to still put in some time in the field and attended a couple of events.

As this year is coming to a close, Jason has had a recent influx of Bigfoot sighting reports. He is currently working 3 cases in the New Hampshire area. One of the cases includes some tree knock interactions and another with some tree breaks. More information will be coming soon.

Super zoomed
Another case I have already covered some in a couple post and a youtube video. It involves a sighting of a large Bigfoot. The posts on this case can be found Here and Here. Some falsely reported this case as being in Kentucky but it is in the New Hampshire region. We do not want to disclose the exact location as the investigation is not complete. The pictures show a large figure moving off to the right. The pictures are not the best as they were taken at a long distance.

Jason hopes to have some witness interviews for these cases in the future along with some field research. 

The Crypto Crew - Submit Sighting - TCC Team
Interactive Sightings Map

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