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Are You Dreaming About Monsters? Here’s Why
By Dorraine Fisher

Monsters are real.

At least in the darkest corners of our minds. They’re deeply entrenched in our psyche and even in our conscious thoughts. So, it’s no wonder they turn up in our dreams. But why are they always there?

We seem to be naturally drawn to the idea of them. It starts in childhood from the earliest days we’re able to construct complete thoughts. Even if we’ve never seen one, the monsters are always lurking. Why? Because fear is always lurking. The unknown is real. And when we’re a child, so much is unknown to us. Fear is ever-present. We feel powerless without the protection of adults. So, the monsters are more real to us then.

But what about when we’re adults? As we grow older and become better informed, why don’t the monsters disappear?

Unraveling Dreams About The People In Your Life

By Dorraine Fisher

Our dreams offer insights into our soul. They reveal our deepest fears and insecurities. But our dreams about the people in our lives are the most telling of all. Though we often overlook them as “just a dream.”

There is no such thing as “just a dream.” When we dream, our subconscious mind is hard at work sending us messages about what we need to fix about ourselves in order to be happy and feel better. And even nightmares serve this purpose if we examine them closely.

We often have dreams about strangers, but it’s the dreams about people we know that we should pay special attention to.

Psychic Attacks And How To Stop Them
By Dorraine Fisher

Everything we see and experience on this planet operates at a particular vibrational frequency. Objects have this energy. Also living things, as well as emotional and psychic experiences. They all emit energy.  Energy is everything, and everything is energy. It’s important to understand this when we’re talking about experiencing a psychic attack.

A psychic attack is the term given to negative or destructive energy directed at you by someone else in order to cause harm to you. They are projected at you through the direct intention and thoughts of another person.  And they are a very real thing...on a certain level of reality. They usually happen in the case of a person’s jealousy or other fear of you, and almost never happens unless the other person perceives you as a threat to them in some way.

Dreams About Murder, Death, and Suicide!!!
Should You Be Worried?

By Dorraine Fisher

Having been a dream interpreter for well over 15 years, there are so many instances that people have come to me worried about nightmares of death, murder, or suicide. Either their own death, or a loved one. And it can be very disturbing or even traumatizing because of the impact it has on the dreamer. But if we have one of these kinds of dreams, should we be worried?

Your fears, worries, and frustration come to life in your dreams. And often you push emotions to the back of your mind because you don’t want to deal with them. It might be too painful or worrisome to deal with them or you may feel you just don’t have time. But if you don’t address them in you walking life, they’ll surely appear in your sleep at night. And they could turn into nightmares involving many kinds of death and destruction. Clear indications of something you’re really anxious about. So, let’s examine different scenarios.

PTSD, Posttraumatic stress disorder, is also known as shell shock or battle fatigue syndrome and it can be very serious. Most only associate PTSD with people who have served in a military war but PTSD can happen after any traumatic or terrifying event, even after a bigfoot sighting.

In this episode Big Jim talks about PTSD after having a sighting of a cryptid.

Here is the episode

By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher
Professional Writer, a nature and wildlife enthusiast who has written for many magazines.

The Nature Of Nightmares
The Truth Behind Our Bad Dreams
By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher
Dreams are curious things. And they always seem to be more prominent when we have things going
 on in our lives. Triumphs, tragedies, death, disaster, joy, fear, and pain seem to bring the old
 unconscious mind into the active phase.  And that’s when our dreams come to the forefront.
            We all have a sense of inner knowing. Deep inside we know everything about ourselves, but we don’t always acknowledge it all.  In dealing with events of our everyday lives, the seemingly less important things are ignored...until they become a problem. This is when nightmares can occur. 
            Our unconscious mind is where we store all the stuff we don’t want to deal with or aren’t quite ready to deal with. And all those unconscious thoughts can pile up and overload.  And when that happens, they start pushing their way out into the conscious mind. And, without knowing why, we may be faced with emotional problems that have already become too overwhelming to address. That’s what makes us think we’re going crazy sometimes when we don’t quite understand the reason. But our dreams are trying to tell us the story. They can often seem mundane or even just plain silly, so we often ignore them. But we shouldn’t, because there’s always an important message in them. They happen for a reason, and they’re trying to save us the hassle...if we pay attention. 
                        Nightmares are the dreams that stick in our minds the most because they can sometimes scare the living daylight out of us.  But they’re often not as horrific as they seem.  They’re not usually clear prophecies of something bad that’s going to happen. They don’t usually predict death or tragedy. They usually are only trying to tell us something about our state of mind. Dreams predict and show us our mental disturbances. They can help us deal with our problems before they escalate.
            Nightmares are the nighttime manifestation of our worst daytime fears. But they indicate that we’re ready to address those fears. Often we think we’re feeling fine during the daylight hours. But nightmares indicate that something is going on under the surface that we’re not acknowledging. The symbolism in nightmares offer clues to what’s bothering us the most and needs to be dealt with. So it’s helpful to learn a little bit about those symbols.
            Funerals are a common scene in nightmares. And the association with death can be disturbing to the dreamer. But these death symbols are more likely a symbol of rebirth or great change. You may be making a transition of some kind in your life, and the funeral symbolizes the death of the old you in order to make room for the new. The dream is simply telling you that you’re ready to make the change. The only time you should really be worried about a prophecy of death is if the dream contains very specific details, like names on the headstone, specific dates, numbers, obituaries, funeral details, etc., and this is an extremely rare occurrence.
            Dreams of attacks by wild animals are also common nightmare scenes. But animals in dreams represent different emotional states. And the emotional state takes on the personality of the animal in the dream.  For instance, an attack by a bear in a dream may symbolize an “attack” in your waking life by a situation that’s “overbearing” or “unbearable.” Or being attacked by rats may signify that you’re being “plagued” by a diseased element in your life, or that something is very disturbing or fundamentally wrong inside you.
            Nightmares of violent disturbances like fighting, explosions, vehicle crashes, etc. are all indications of emotional turmoil you’re experiencing that is about to boil over.  Fighting in dreams is about conflict inside your mind. Perhaps two sides of your personality are battling for control of you. Explosions indicate something you’re dealing with in your waking life that’s literally about to “blow up.”  Car crashes mean you feel you’ve lost control of a situation in your daytime life and are about to literally “crash.”
            Falling in nightmares, accompanied by anxious feelings in the dream, indicates an intense fear of failure. While falling in a dream, and feeling good about it, indicates surrender or letting go of something you’ve been holding on to that may have been harmful to you.
            Dreams about monsters are about problems in your life that seem to have “monstrous” proportions. They indicate frightening problems you may have that seem out of your control, like problems in the workplace or family dynamics you can’t change. 
            And nightmares about wounds and excessive bleeding are some of the most disturbing of all. Wounds in dreams indicate that you’re feeling emotionally wounded. The location of the wound can give clues to the nature of the emotional disturbance. If your hand is wounded in the dream, it may mean you feel your ability to accomplish things in your life is being damaged. If your head is wounded, it may mean your ability to think clearly in your waking life has been affected.
            Bleeding profusely in a dream is about emotional exhaustion. Since blood is life, if you’re bleeding excessively in your nightmare, it may mean you feel the life is literally being “drained” out of you in your waking life.
            Nightmares can be very scary, and seem very real. But they are rarely prophecies of terrible disasters in your daylight hours. More often than not they’re just trying to warn you of emotional turmoil to come. But the good news is there is a kind of psychic element to them. They’re trying to warn you BEFORE disaster strikes. They’re actually trying to give you a head’s up to the problems developing inside you. They’re trying to tell you what’s going on in your unconscious mind that you don’t yet consciously know about. So by learning to pay attention to them and interpret them you can learn to manage your emotions.
            They’ll tell you you’re tired before you consciously know it, so you can rest. They’ll tell you a situation in your life is out of control so you can stop and find a way to get control.  They have the answers before you’re fully aware of the question. They’re trying to give you the head’s up and give you more control of your life. And when you understand them better, they’re interesting to think about too.  ******DF

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