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Monday, February 11, 2019

Are You Dreaming About Monsters? Here’s Why
By Dorraine Fisher

Monsters are real.

At least in the darkest corners of our minds. They’re deeply entrenched in our psyche and even in our conscious thoughts. So, it’s no wonder they turn up in our dreams. But why are they always there?

We seem to be naturally drawn to the idea of them. It starts in childhood from the earliest days we’re able to construct complete thoughts. Even if we’ve never seen one, the monsters are always lurking. Why? Because fear is always lurking. The unknown is real. And when we’re a child, so much is unknown to us. Fear is ever-present. We feel powerless without the protection of adults. So, the monsters are more real to us then.

But what about when we’re adults? As we grow older and become better informed, why don’t the monsters disappear?

Because our childhood fears never quite go away. Life hits us with real-world problems. We still have to adapt and survive while dodging the metaphoric bullets that life shoots at us.  We still feel powerless sometimes. We still feel vulnerable and out of control. So, even in adulthood, and even if we’ve never actually seen a monster, the monsters are still real. And even when we’re no longer afraid of one jumping out from under our beds, they still show up in our dreams.

Monster dreams reflect our feelings about any kind of “monstrous” situations in our lives that we feel have power over us. The monster in your dream can be a symbol of a job that you hate, a marriage that’s not working, a conflict with someone,  or any situation in your waking life that you unconsciously feel has too much power over you. This is when the monster symbol will appear in your dreams. And different types of monsters have slightly different meanings. Here are some of the different kinds of “monsters” that can appear in your dreams.

Trolls: Can be a dream about something lurking under the surface (like the troll under the bridge) that seems too scary to face.

Vampires: Can be a dream about a situation in your waking life that’s literally sucking the life right out of you. Hence, the bloodsucking vampire.

Apparitions: Bring a message that isn’t quite clear yet, but will be revealed in time.

Frankenstein’s monster: A dream that serves as a warning about the fear of monsters of your own making. It tells you to examine your feelings closer to see if you’re not making too much out of a situation.

Bogeyman: warns of common fears that haunt your everyday life and keep you from living your life.

Ogre: Warns of waking-life fears about your appearance or self-image.

Gremlins: Warns of small, temporary problems that need to be dealt with in your waking life.

Evil clowns: Warns of your subconscious fears of being exposed as a fool.

Jekyll and Hyde: Exposes the subconscious fear of the conflict between your true self and your false self.

Monstrous Bigfoot, Sasquatch: Are dreams about your deepest fears that there are extremely scary, insurmountable problems lurking in places that should be peaceful.

Zombies: Warn of psychological manipulation by others or having your thought processes changed in bad ways.

Dreams about monsters can be some of the scariest nightmares ever. But they’re a sign to us that there’s a situation in our waking life that need we need to deal with directly. And the sooner we do, the sooner the monsters will go away.


This Post By TCC Team Member Dorraine Fisher. Dorraine is a Professional Writer, photographer, a nature, wildlife and Bigfoot enthusiast who has written for many magazines. Dorraine conducts research, special interviews and more for The Crypto Crew. Get Dorraine's book The Bigfoot Research Journal

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