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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Dreams About Murder, Death, and Suicide!!!
Should You Be Worried?

By Dorraine Fisher

Having been a dream interpreter for well over 15 years, there are so many instances that people have come to me worried about nightmares of death, murder, or suicide. Either their own death, or a loved one. And it can be very disturbing or even traumatizing because of the impact it has on the dreamer. But if we have one of these kinds of dreams, should we be worried?

Your fears, worries, and frustration come to life in your dreams. And often you push emotions to the back of your mind because you don’t want to deal with them. It might be too painful or worrisome to deal with them or you may feel you just don’t have time. But if you don’t address them in you walking life, they’ll surely appear in your sleep at night. And they could turn into nightmares involving many kinds of death and destruction. Clear indications of something you’re really anxious about. So, let’s examine different scenarios.
First, keep in mind that in dreams always represents some kind of symbolic death. Not an actual death. I know it’s pretty riveting, especially when it’s the death of yourself or a loved one. But your unconscious mind uses an intense dream theme to get your attention. 

A symbolic death could mean many things. If you are the one dying or dead in the dream, it’s about a rebirth or a need to be reborn. Often you’re shedding your old self in order to make room for the new one. Perhaps you’ve changed in some profound way in your waking life, or you’ve hit some kind of milestone. Maybe some bad aspect of yourself has metaphorically died, such as a bad habit, destructive behavior, or some other aspect of yourself. This is when death dreams often occur, leaving the dreamer confused, often at a time when things seem to be going well in their lives.

The death of a loved one is another type of symbolic death. It means that your relationship may have changed with this person. If you dream about the death of a friend, perhaps that friend has been off on different pursuits and doesn’t have as much time to spend with you. If you dream about the death of your own child, it may be bringing your fears to the forefront that he/she is growing up and moving on to forge his/her own life. If you dream about the death of a child you don’t know, it may signify the death or your childhood and that it’s time to act more grown up and serious about your life. Alternatively, it can mean you feel your inner child has “died” in a sense, and your life has become too serious with not enough fun.

Dreams about the death of  your spouse indicate you may fear your relationship with that person is in trouble or has changed profoundly in some way causing you anxiety when you don’t know what the outcome will be. Though it doesn’t mean the relationship is doomed. It only means that changes in the relationship.

Dreams of murder are always traumatic, but almost never indicate an actual murder. If you dream you’re murdering someone, it may mean this person is driving you crazy in your waking life and you subconsciously want them “gone” from your life. It doesn’t mean you want them dead. It just means you strongly feel your life would be better off without them in it. Hence the symbolic murder. These kind of dreams mean you’re harboring some kind of deep resentment for this person that needs to be addressed.

And as far as someone murdering YOU goes, have you ever made the statement that something or someone was “killing you?” This metaphor is brought to life in your dream as you may feel this person or situation this person represents in your waking life IS literally killing you. It’s a strong message from your subconscious mind to fix the problem.

Often there is a large amount of blood everywhere in the dreamscape, and that can also be highly disturbing. But blood is your life force, and this symbol in your dream only indicates that this person or situation is literally “draining the life out of you” in your waking life. These types of dreams are a call to action for you to work toward preserving your sanity and seriously do what needs to be done.

Sometimes there are severed or injured body parts involved in these kinds of dreams but they are only symbolic of the action these body parts were intended to perform. If your arm is severed or injured in a dream, it means that a person or situation in your waking life is causing you to be unable to do the things that are important in life for you to do. If your leg is severed, it means you feel your ability to ambulate, travel,  and move through life have been profoundly hindered. If your head is severed or injured, it means that someone or something is trying to hijack your thoughts or hinder your ability to think things through.

Dreams of suicide indicate another kind of symbolic death. And they can actually be very positive. When a person with addictive, destructive, or criminal behaviors is seriously ready to turn over a new leaf and defeat the problem, they may have a dream about committing suicide because they are symbolically killing that bad aspect of themselves.

Alternatively, there may be overwhelming circumstances in your life that you are hoping will be over soon. You may want to end them yourself, but it doesn’t mean you want to commit suicide. It indicates the loss of your inner strength and that you’re thinking seriously about giving up on a situation. But not to the point of an actual death. It’s only another call to action to address the need for transformation in your life.

Death dreams are too often taken literally because the dreamscape can be very dark and foreboding and frightening. But nearly all of them are symbolic of rebirth, profound change or self-transformation. If you keep these things in mind, you’ll never regard dreams of death as nightmares again.

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