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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Another Look at the Hoffman Film


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

I got up early this morning and thought I'd take another long over due look at the Hoffman film. While I understand there is many questions about the footage, I want to just really look at the figure itself.  I will include a few more still shots from the video and also the video I created this morning.

Here is a zoom on the figure. Notice the knots, which I'm assuming is bug bites and maybe matted hair.

The best I can remember this was shot in Canada by Hoffman.

If this was a fake and it's really a suit , it has to be the best one I've every seen. You would think, if it was a suit that more videos would have been made with it. 

Here is the video enhancement

To me this is one of the best possible Bigfoot videos I've seen. Probably top 3 - Patterson-Gimlin, Paul Freeman and then the Hoffman footage. I will admit some of the questions about the Hoffman film are puzzling and how the guy just fell of the face of the earth is odd, but the footage itself is good and clearer than a lot of the stuff we get nowadays.
So, what do you think?

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