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Monday, January 23, 2023

©Thomas Marcum

Sasquatch Widow

Today's post isn't for the bigfoot enthusiast. Instead, it's for the non-believing partner a lot of us have. It's for the Sasquatch Widow.

It's for the people out there who are finding themselves living on their own during the weekend excursions and conferences, evenings, camping trips, and all those things that seem to center around some mysterious furry thing. And you wonder why.
You wonder about :

Too much time alone.
The muddy, dirty disgusting laundry.
The shoes or boots that look like they belong in the dump, not the hall.
The hours spent on the internet pouring over blobby, shadow photos and herky, jerky blurry videos.
The Netflix account is just for bigfoot movies and documentaries.
The premium YouTube account for more of those herky-jerky blurry videos.
The extra internet tv stations for, yep, more bigfoot shows.
The game cams.
The bigger and better camera for stills and videos.
And the even better camera that takes infrared.
The long hours of texting and pm'ing the "others" in the "group".
The monopolizing of the tv remote when there's a bigfoot marathon on, despite having seen them all hundreds of times.
Explaining to the kids that the bat just bought is not for them to play with but to be used for 'tree knocking'.
Delayed meals while they're out searching for that bigfoot model, special issue magazine, tree ornament, and other odds and ends just released as "limited editions".
The large hairy man statue in the middle of the front lawn.
The photo album is more jealously guarded than the family ones.
The large plaster footprints littering the house.
The whoops, whistles, and screams in the house because the neighbors called the cops the last time they were practiced in the yard.

Yep, you are a Sasquatch Widow. Or Widower.
Oh yeah, you know the ladies have been and always will be out there too.

What can you do?  Well, you can either join them and go out looking too. Or you can use the time they're out of the house to go onto Pinterest. There is no cure so you better find your own passion.

Just saying.


"I'll spark the thought; what you do with it is up to you."
"Those that know, need no further proof. Those that don't, should not demand it from others, but seek it for themselves."

This Post By TCC Team Member Nancy Marietta. Nancy has had a lifelong interest in the paranormal and cryptids. Nancy is also a published author and her book, The Price of war, has been met with great reviews.

[Please Note: Sadly Nancy passed away on the first of January, 2022. We will continue to honor her and her research by sharing her work. RIP Nancy. -Thomas]

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