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Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Image courtesy of National Weather Service

Supernatural Encounter After Storm?

I got the following report in a couple of weeks ago. The report was submitted anomalously with no contact information or even the person's name. You may be wondering why even share it but there are some elements in the report that are interesting and that have been reported in the past.

The event, best I can pin down, happened after what is known as a microburst event. A microburst is a localized column of sinking air, downdraft, within a thunderstorm. These events can cause extensive damage and  pose a threat to life and property.

Here is the report

-Start Report-

Name: Not given
Email: Not given
State: Colorado 
What County: Douglas
What Time of Day: 1 am?
Nearest Town: Wheat ridge, co
How long was your sighting:
Seemed like hours trapped probably 15 min
How many witnesses:
1 human 1 dog
Did you get any pictures or video:
No way to scared

Describe what you saw:

Checking out all the wreckage from a tornado they labeled as microburst. It was 1 am Clear Creek reservoir in Wheat Ridge Co. Across the raging River from the park we were on private property near many homes. We walked by the many uprooted century old trees right over the fence. 
We thought the police were chasing us again when we saw a dim orb like lite hovering about 15 feet off the ground.
Suddenly the dim light fixed on us now hiding from what we knew was cops. Then very swiftly and quickly the light came through the raging river when we smelled a super nasty dead skunk smell with B.O.. The light switched off then a loud terrifying shrieks and growls as it ran full speed at us, then stopped and sprayed us with nasty mud.
The dog flipped over and started pissing all over covering us with piss as the creature continued to run a full 360 in and out growling, pounding, spraying us. Each time it charged I figured we were dead then it stopped and stared at us redish orange eyes and we booked it as it pursued us to the car,  then to our house where things got real dark I blacked most if it out.

More details:
The dog pissing himself just giving up is why we knew we encountered something supernatural 
-End Report-
Of course, I can not follow up on this report as there was no contact information. I was able to track down when the event might have happened, as no date was given either. I did a search and a microburst happened in the area on 6/8/2020. 

There are a few things I find interesting about the report. The dog's reaction is something I have seen reported before and I had a similar event with hunting dogs back in when I was a teenager. The dogs were terrified. The orb of light is also something that is sometimes reported in bigfoot sightings. The bad smell, the growls and howls would make one think this was Bigfoot related. We have also read reports of Bigfoot doing bluff charges and in some cases menacing people to get them out of an area.
This report has weird written all over it and I wish I had more information. Was it Bigfoot? or something else?

If anyone else experienced something odd or unusual around this time frame or after this storm, then please reach out to us and tell us about it.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet.

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