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Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Expedition - Part 5

Day 4 of our adventure continued with us arriving at our second location of the day. I parked the truck and we put on our gear and headed out to the deep dark mountain. It was a short walk before we actually made it to the woods. The terrain in this area is fairly rocky in spots and steep. Parts of the area have some heavy undergrowth, some is rather swampy.

We set out for one of the old coal mine areas. Visiting the coal mine openings was one of the "to do" things on Guy's list.

We got a little over half way to the old openings and decided it would be a good time to have our lunch. Our day had started early and we had already been to the gifting area, where some unusual things seemed to be going on. So, for most we had already had a full day but our day was far from over.

We sat down on an old log to eat before continuing on up the mountain. This was our view while sitting down.

After eating, we once again put our backpacks on and continued up the mountain. We arrived at the old coal mine openings and scouted around for possible tracks. The area, in spots, was very wet. This was also an area where I had found a tree structure last year. We found the best opening to enter. Guy put on his light and when in the old mine. This was on his bucket list of activities while here. 

Guy searched around in the old coal mine for tracks but didn't find any. The ground was pretty rocky in there but some areas were moist. Guy and I kind of had a little laugh about how people say that Bigfoot would have trouble getting into these kinds of old mine openings. They say there is not enough room and that Bigfoot is too large. Well as you can see there is plenty of room in them. Guy is over 6 foot tall and he has plenty of room. Yes, some areas are smaller but what most don't realize is that once inside of many of these old coal mines, a Bigfoot could travel many miles and come out in a totally different location. And there is nothing that says a Bigfoot can't crawl on it's hands and knees.

So after spending some time in the mine, we checked out some other openings to see if we could find any tracks. After that we decided to try and make it to the other set of openings on the opposite ridge. I knew this might be a little difficult as it was a steep climb and I had only been there once or twice and now I was coming from a different direction. So I was turned around some what.
While making the hike I found some tracks in a mud hole. They were bear tracks and there was some nice hind foot tracks. A back foot from a bear was one of the tracks that was on Guy's list for casting. This one was nice and had some good detail. So guy mixed up some plaster and poured it in the track. We knew it would take a good hour or more for it to cure and we still have a long ways to go to get to the other coal mine. So, we packed up our stuff and headed onward toward the old mine.
By now it was starting to get later in the day but we still had a lot of daylight left. We continued to weave and bob our way up the mountain. We would sometimes stop and watch for birds or talk about something. I was feeling pretty good and was not wore down as much as I was on the first couple of days. I had not been out but one or two times before our expedition, so the first couple of days wore on me by the evening. But not this day. 

As we are going up the mountain we come to an old water break, a pushed up hump of dirt used to channel water in a direction. Instead of just going over it I thought I would circle to my right a few feet and go around on the smaller end of the hump. But that plan was put on hold when I saw a very large, and well camouflaged copperhead balled up. If you were not paying attention, a person could have easily stepped on this snake. That would have resulted in a bad day for sure.

We did not kill the snake and I just re-routed us around it. It didn't seem like it wanted to give any ground up and after all it was there first. So around it we went and on up the mountain. 

We finally made it to the area of the mountain the coal mine was on. It was really swampy on the old road and we looked for tracks. We found a lot of deer tracks and a few possible bigfoot tracks. But you must remember that several day prior we had some heady rain and it had washed out any details. By now, the day was far spent and although we were right near the old mine we decided to head back to where we had poured the black bear back foot full of plaster. 

We finally made it back to where we had poured the plaster and Guy took his time and got the casting out of the ground. This made him a couple nice front paws and one nice back paw from a black bear. Nice additions to his growing collection. 

We hiked back out without any problems or events. It was a fun day and the hills of Kentucky are nothing short of demanding....just the way we like it. 
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I think there will only be one more part to this expedition series. Of course, I'm still researching and will have other adventures to write about in the future.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 25 years experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and poet

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1 comment:

  1. There's three things I abide by while in any field or forests: Kindness, Patience, and Empathy. The flora and fauna get a full pass from me even if it means I have to leave. And, as you and I and Leo have talked about before the caves and the mines in the Appalachians (Some of the oldest mountains in the world) have had plenty of dwellers over time and have had plenty of time to form... regardless of whether from natural causes or Humans. Most of them will accommodate tall men.


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