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Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Dogs React to Sound From Woods

I have been meaning to write this event out for a week or more now, but just haven't taken the time until now.

What I'm about to tell you happened about 4 or 5 weeks ago and has stayed in my mind. I will need to set up what was happening and a little background for you to understand it better...so here it goes.

The picture above is of the mountain that is right in front of our house. This area has always been a good place for deer, bears, coyote,s and other animals. In fact, we see deer and bear very often as they come down near the houses. The deer will often come and pick the green grass, even late at night.

This is also the mountain where I had a visual sighting of a very large, black bigfoot several years ago. I have also explored that mountain and found some tracks and other possible bigfoot evidence.

So, to shorten the story....we live with a mountain behind us and one in front of us and both are teaming with wildlife. Both mountains have also had bigfoot activity over the years.

Now, to the part that happened about 4 or 5 weeks ago. My wife and I were in the TV room watching some TV. It was not hardly dark yet outside, so my wife decides to feed the dogs. Our dogs are outside dogs and we feed them on the front porch. I continue to sit on the couch as my wife goes to the living room and prepares the dog's food. 

I wait a few minutes and then thought I would go out on the porch to pet the dogs. I get on the porch and I noticed the dogs were acting kind of weird...kind of fearful. And before I could say anything my wife starts to tell me about the odd sound that came from the woods. She said she didn't know what it was ..but it was weird sounding. She said it was like a scream of something and that right after the dogs became frightened.

This was really unusual for our dogs, as they normally will bark and chase about anything. But both dogs had their tails tucked under them and were crouched down in fear. I waited around on the porch as my wife was mixing up the dog food and put it in the bowels. Whatever made the sound did not make it again. The wood line is maybe 50 yards or so from the porch. Our dogs were visibly shaken by whatever made the sound.

So, we feed the dogs, pet them to reassure them everything is alright, and my wife and I talk about the sound. By now it is dusty dark and the dogs are eating but still not acting like themselves. 

I go to the computer and play various sounds, for my wife, from Youtube of different animals. I was thinking that maybe it was a fox, as they can make a lot of weird sounds or maybe it was an owl or other known animal. Which even it if was, the reaction by my dogs still would not make sense as they have heard many of those sounds before and I don't think it would have scared them.  

None of the sounds were a match to what my wife heard. I even played some elk sounds. Still a no. 

So, what made the sound? I truly do not know but the reaction by the dogs is something I have seen before. I have seen dogs act in this manner around Bigfoot. In fact, my first experience with bigfoot was while coon hunting many years ago. Our experienced hunting dogs had this same reaction of fear...well really they were terrified. But I'm not saying that for sure the sound was from a bigfoot but my dog's reaction was like a reaction to bigfoot. I sure wish I could have heard the sound as I might have been able to rule it one way or the other.

So what made the sound that terrified my dogs? I truly don't know but to think a sound that is 40-50 yards away or more, can have that kind of effect on your pets is something to think about.

We have had other weird things come from that side of the mountain as well. Several years ago, right in the middle of the day, a doe deer came running full speed out of the mountains, across the road, jumped our fence, and ran into our backyard. The doe laid down and was exhausted. It had run so much it was bleeding out its nose. But right after it jumped the fence I stood there and waited to see what was chasing it.....nothing came out of the woods. There was nothing I could see moving or chasing this deer. The deer was in full panic mode and it appeared it had been running for a long time. We had dogs in the yard and tied out back, but this doe was not concerned with the dogs at all. 

We gave the deer a bucket of water and opened the back gate so that when it felt rested it could leave. At the time I had one-yard dog, Bandit, who minded pretty well and I just scolded him to leave the deer alone and he did. He returned to the porch and didn't bother it. Later that evening, shortly before dark, the deer finally got rested up and walked out the back gate and down the railroad. It stayed out there for a long time. 

The picture is of the actual deer and I have a video of it on my Facebook page ..just Click Here.

Then about 3 months ago, the neighbors heard some awful screams coming from the mountain behind the house. It happened around 1am. I didn't hear these either as I was sleeping but at least 2 neighbors heard it and one reached out to me about it. And what is interesting is that back in the summer that was a very close-by bigfoot sighting that I investigated, Click Here to watch.  This at the base of that mountain.

So, there seems to be a lot going on from time to time here around the house. I just wish I could have heard the sound that scared my dogs. I can't say for sure what made the sound, as I never heard it, but even if I did I still might not have known what was making it.

There are several more things that have happened here locally that I might write about in the future, time permitting.


This post by Thomas Marcum, Thomas is the founder/leader of the cryptozoology and paranormal research organization known as The Crypto Crew. Over 20 years of experience with research and investigation of unexplained activity, working with video and websites. A trained wild land firefighter and a published photographer, and a poet

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